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About Intern 4.0

  • Intern 4.0 is a modular Build-Onboard-Maintain Talent Management solution designed for building a remote / gig workforce through intern lifecycle management, including reach, evaluate, onboard, develop, exit.
  •  It is specifically designed for knowledge / people-centric organizations with 500+ employees, converting 30% or more into a remote / gig workforce .
  • Intern 4.0 delivers Future Trained Talent Funnel with Knowledge Management & improves strategic talent planning with data-driven insights .
  • Build your Talent Lifecycle & Outcome BI for Remote Talent Management at scale with Intern 4.0.

Key Features


Manage trainer availability, profile, skill map, and performance through the system.


Build your future talent funnel for remote operations with self-paced content for improved talent onboarding & development .


Build an extensive knowledge repository for your process and work with intern outcomes .


Access dashboards for performance metrics on Assets, Operations, Trainer, and System Support.


Access your own remote temporary workforce management system built on licensed Moodle LMS, Zoho One tools & driven by your process .



Is remote / gig workforce the way of the future?

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Are you building your future talent funnel with knowledge management?

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