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“Abhyaz: Inspiring Growth, Shaping Careers, Enriching Communities.”

Abhyaz is a community and talent management platform. Through Abhyaz, we offer impactful internships and projects in 150 job roles across core business functions for students, job seekers, and professionals. We utilize evaluations and onboarding courses to select interns and employ them in our 2 business verticals: MTC (Digital Transformation) and CNCTrain (SMART Manufacturing), as well as for our customers. This symbiotic relationship nurtures the much-needed talent for our customers while serving the community. Abhyaz increases recruitment success for industries with its evaluations and onboarding courses.

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Onboarding Courses

We provide Onboarding Courses to ensure smooth transitions for new hires or employees adapting to redefined roles. These courses enhance proficiency, align individuals with organizational goals, and offer measurable performance metrics. Onboarding courses are available for job roles and tools.


We provide Evaluations to ensure data driven selection for new hires or employees adapting to redefined roles. Our Evaluation solution is a comprehensive tool for assessing organizational skill gaps. Whether used in hiring or transitioning staff, evaluations offer insights into strengths and weaknesses. The resulting metrics guide strategic talent placement and development decisions.


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Increase placement reach and numbers by partnering with Abhyaz.



Increase talent access and selection by partnering with Abhyaz.


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"Abhyaz introduced Zoho CRM and other packages to us. Appreciate the effort taken to understand the business and tailor the solutions to meet our requirements, especially the resources support to carry out implementation and operationalization."

Co-founder of one of the Pet food manufacturing companies

What Our Intern Says

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Samah Ranjous

Robotics Engineering Intern

As a passionate robotics engineering enthusiast with a global outlook, I was thrilled to embark on an internship at Abhyaz, despite the challenges of being an international intern and the virtual nature of the internship. Over the past three months, this internship has been an extraordinary learning experience, filled with challenging projects, invaluable mentorship, and a deep immersion into the cutting-edge world of robotics engineering.

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Dhiwakar Sridharan

System Admin Intern

​I am happy to report that as a system administrator at Abhyaz it gave me chance to work on live projects, troubleshoot issues, and implement solutions under the guidance of experienced system administrators. .My work included maintaining Moodle Cloud infrastructure and Remodeling of Learning management System . I also served as an intern lead to train the upcoming interns Woking at Abhyaz not only help to improve my communication and technical skills but also helped me to grow as a better person.

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Rishika Bogi

Software Engineer Intern

When I think back on my time at Abhyaz, I am incredibly appreciative of the rewarding experiences that have impacted my development as a professional. My abilities have improved significantly as a result of my immersion in software engineering, which is marked by interesting projects and practical experience.I'm leaving Abhyaz with a strong skill set and a sense of confidence, prepared to use what I've learned to take on new challenges in the ever-changing field of software engineering.

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Abinesh Siva

Data Analyst Intern

As I reflect on my data analytics internship at Abhyaz, I am grateful for the wealth of experiences and knowledge gained. Working on the Zoho applications, particularly Zoho Desk, allowed me to witness firsthand the transformative impact of data analytics in shaping strategic decisions. The ability to build, maintain, and optimize dashboards, clean data for meaningful insights, and contribute to the Sales IQ dashboard underscored the pivotal role of data analytics in the modern business landscape. This internship has undoubtedly equipped me with a skill set that will prove invaluable as I continue to navigate the dynamic and data-driven realm of analytics.

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HR Executive Intern

My nine-month HR internship at Abhyaz in a virtual work environment has been nothing short of transformative. From learning the intricacies of talent management to actively contributing to organizational growth, each task has been a stepping stone towards my development as an HR professional. As I move forward, armed with invaluable experience and insights, I eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in my career journey.

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K.Tirupathi Reddy

DevOps Engineer Intern

Reflecting on my journey at Abhyaz, I am filled with gratitude for the tremendous learning and growth I experienced. The hands-on practice in DevOps Engineering, the engaging projects, and the collaborative work culture equipped me with a robust skillset and enhanced my problem-solving and time management abilities. I leave Abhyaz feeling confident and prepared to apply my newfound knowledge to future challenges in the ever-evolving field of DevOps Engineering.