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Abhyaz is a community and talent management platform. Through Abhyaz, we offer impactful internships and projects in 150 job roles across core business functions for students, job seekers, and professionals. We utilize evaluations and onboarding courses to select interns and employ them in our 2 business verticals: MTC (Digital Transformation) and CNCTrain (SMART Manufacturing), as well as for our customers. This symbiotic relationship nurtures the much-needed talent for our customers while serving the community. Abhyaz increases recruitment success for industries with its evaluations and onboarding courses.

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Onboarding Courses

We provide Onboarding Courses to ensure smooth transitions for new hires or employees adapting to redefined roles. These courses enhance proficiency, align individuals with organizational goals, and offer measurable performance metrics. Onboarding courses are available for job roles and tools.


We provide Evaluations to ensure data driven selection for new hires or employees adapting to redefined roles. Our Evaluation solution is a comprehensive tool for assessing organizational skill gaps. Whether used in hiring or transitioning staff, evaluations offer insights into strengths and weaknesses. The resulting metrics guide strategic talent placement and development decisions.


Fostering Growth Together

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Increase placement reach and numbers by partnering with Abhyaz.



Increase talent access and selection by partnering with Abhyaz.


Build The Future You Believe In

Job-Role Based Internship

Empowering interns to gain experience, build your skills, and advance your future careers across 150+ job roles.


Project Based Internship

Join as a team and gain industry exposure and valuable insights through our live customer projects.


Returnships for 

Career Restart 

Seeking to comeback! Start your career with our specialized returnship programs for skilled professionals.


Job Opportunities 

Join our mission to shape a brighter future - explore open positions where your skills and passion drive meaningful outcomes.


What Our Customer Says

"Abhyaz introduced Zoho CRM and other packages to us. Appreciate the effort taken to understand the business and tailor the solutions to meet our requirements, especially the resources support to carry out implementation and operationalization."

Co-founder of one of the Pet food manufacturing companies

What Our Intern Says



Project Management Intern

In this era of remotely working abhyaz has implemented a unique process of virtual office which gives a real time office environment experience allowing teams to collaborate and work togather while sitting at home. I got a chance to track and manage projects which were aimed at digital transformation of workforce through skill delivery and talent management. With an existing kitty of skills-set from my previous experience, i was able to gain hands-on-experience with some key tools successful. This has helped fuel my growth as an intern and made me fell courages towards a successful career transition from Account Management to Project Management.

Deepthi Satyasai

HR Recruitment Specialist Intern

​My Internship at Abhyaz has been a transformative experience offers me to understand the challenges in the recruitment process and exposure to a collaborative virtual workspace. I am sincerely grateful for the knowledge gained, opportunities provided and for supportive environment. I would like to express my heart felt gratitude to mentors and every member of my team for the support, the collective encouragement and the guidance that I received. I am very thankful for my journey at Abhyaz.

Rohit Pradhan

Video/Audio Intern

It was my first experience as a video/audio intern in any company. I am a keen learner and i learned a lot about how company works and many more strategies and tools throughout my journey as an intern at Abhyaz. I've also had an opportunity to work on variety of project for a variety of clients. Working on different projects was a great privilege for me as its really helped me improve my leadership, communication, team management and many more skills that will help me throughout my career.

Raghav Verma

Data Analyst Intern

My internship at Abhyaz was a transformative experience that fortified my passion for data analytics. The hands-on projects, mentorship, and utilization of cutting-edge tools empowered me to decipher complex datasets and extract meaningful insights. I am immensely grateful for the guidance, support, and opportunities that Abhyaz provided, shaping me into a more adept and insightful data analyst as I embark on my professional journey in this dynamic field.

Biswajeet Sahoo

DevOps Engineer Intern

Abhyaz explored me to a number of technologies, including Docker, AWS, GitHub Action, Zoho, and more where we can seamlessly do the work effectively. The instruction and friendly nature helped me improve my skills. Providing the virtual-based internship to people has been an amazing thing. By utilizing this, many people have up-skilled their skills and get to know what the actual real-time work will be. Glad that I have gotten this opportunity.

Ganapathi Kosanam

System Admin Intern

As an intern at Abhyaz, I refined my technical skills and gained clarity on my future career possibilities. Engaging in various projects throughout the internship enhanced my skills, particularly in creative thinking, problem-solving, and developing my communication abilities. The supportive work environment I experienced during this remote internship has been vital to my professional growth. In my tenure at Abhyaz, I have received a comprehensive and enriching experience. This hands-on experience allowed me to learn the intricacies of these platforms, which gave me valuable insights into their functionalities and contributed to my ongoing learning journey.