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Abhyaz is an authorized partner of Zoho, a renowned provider of comprehensive business software solutions. We are offering 'Enterprise Transformation' services for businesses of all sizes with our expert Zoho implementation services. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to helping you to unlock the full potential of Zoho applications to streamline your enterprise.

Elevate Your Business With Business Use Cases. 

Sales & Marketing

Brand Building

Setup social channels; Customer feedback survey; Newsletter; Marketing Automation


Lead Generation

Webform to lead; Customer booking via website; Live customized chat bot; Lead gen through signup forms 


Sales Automation

Execute systematic lead conversion & Deal conversion workflow; Sales order management; Unified sales dashboard 


Customer Support

Capture customers issue through live chat; Customer self service portal; Issue resolution via ticket tracking


HR & Admin

Talent Acquisition 

Job posting in website; Job boards; manage applicants; Automate hiring process


Talent Onboarding 

Automate onboarding process; Track applications & approval; Record and track employee assets


Talent Development 

Manage employee queries; Track  periodic performance & skills; Manage promotions  & transfer


HR Compliance

Create & maintain digital records; Track reimbursement &loans; Mange exit process; EOY tax compliance


Infra  Management

Create & maintain LMS; Manage employee roles; Storage, Backup; Manage data security


Finance & Accounting

 Accounting system

Audit Based accounts chart; Integrate crm customer, vendor ;Track employee expenses; Periodic dashboards for finance assets

Sales & Receivables

Multi lever approval system; E-invoicing with DSC signature; Automate payment reminder; Customer online payment portal

 Purchase & Payables

Multilevel approval system; Inventory mapping of purchase order; Automate payment notifications; Vendor portal for tracking PO 

Finance Compliance 

Bank & payment portal integration; GST & Income tax Integrate with payroll; Multi-level use access & approval; Manage, track & Trace records 


Process Digitization

 Knowledge capture & Delivery

Identifying, capture & deliver requirements; KT via video & Audio interviews; SOP development with documents & video requirements;

Digitize SOP

SOP with localizes languages; Test SOP with sample audience; Deliver sop as LMS course; Secure easy delivery

Tool & Knowledge Discovery

Identify tool requirement;  Requirement; Build discovery module via candidate evaluation; Deliver as a course; Develop assessment 

Operationalized LnD

Setup LMS; Map SOPs as course; Schedule Training; Develop employee Training courses; 


Tools We Offer

Why Us

Byte-Sized Transformation

Transforming Your Business, One Use Case at a Time

  • Our Approach: Simplify transformation through manageable use cases,  targeted results.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored standard use cases for maximum value and timely delivery.
  • Agile Progress: Adapting strategies for your future-ready business.

Continuous Learning 

Digital SOP's Delivered for user training & reference

  • Training delivery: User training delivered as Digital SOPs format
  • Sustained Usage: Access to other SOPs relevant to role - builds user capability
  • Continue support: Expert guidance throughout
    setup journey 

Talent Solutions

 Unlocking the Power of Our Talent Pool       

  • Skilled Workforce: Access our talent pool to address your need
  • Talent shortage: Hire from our talented workforce for System implementation
  • System implementation: Efficiently configure systems with fresh, innovative perspectives.

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