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Code, Creativity, and Growth: My 3-Month Journey as a Web Developer Intern
In this post , I have the opportunity to explain about my 3 month internship experience with Abhyaz. Here , I briefly summarize various projects I worked on, my experience working on various tools etc.
05 Sep 2023 04:44 PM - Comment(s)
My internship at MTAB through Abhyaz: A web development journey.
Here i am expressing my inspiring internship journey at MTAB, facilitated through Abhyaz that allowed me to grow professionally and exposure to a variety of web development technologies, such as WordPress, Canva, HTML, CSS.
13 Jul 2023 12:51 PM - Comment(s)
My 1 month internship journey at Abhyaz
I did Web development internship at Abhyaz for one month, I developed the Mtab SFA webpage using WordPress, created layout using Canva, overcome obstacles, and developed professionally and personally. Thankful and prepared for a career as a web developer.
23 Jun 2023 03:04 PM - Comment(s)
My Internship Experience at MTAB through Abhyaz : A Journey of Web Development and Growth .
My internship Abhyaz as a web developer was a transformative journey, learning HTML, CSS, WordPress, and Canva, with supportive mentors and effective online collaboration using BigBlueButton. Onboarding and exit processes were commendable.
23 Jun 2023 03:03 PM - Comment(s)