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My experience at Abhyaz, As a Software Engineer Intern
Gained hands-on experience, learned new tech, and networked with professionals from home. A rewarding journey!"
11 Sep 2023 12:56 PM - Comment(s)
My Insights from the Abhyaz Electrical Engineering Internship
Abhyaz internship fused theory and practice. Arduino and TinkerCAD birthed a smart street light, showcasing tech's eco-potential. Collaborative teamwork honed skills, TinkerCAD aided designs. Grateful for mentorship, ready to shine in electrical engineering with enriched skills.
17 Aug 2023 07:51 PM - Comment(s)
Working Experience as an Intern
In this internship ,I got change to work in different projects which helped me in improving technical and softskills .
12 Jul 2023 01:49 PM - Comment(s)
Software Engineering Internship at Abhyaz: A Journey of Growth and Innovation
My internship at Abhyaz was a journey of growth and innovation. I gained hands-on experience in web development, AI integration, and database management. The internship also emphasized the value of teamwork, effective communication, and adaptability.
10 Jul 2023 02:17 PM - Comment(s)