My Journey as a "Content Writer for Documentation Intern"

15 Nov 2023 04:47 PM By Sarathi


Hello, I'm Sarathi M, and I began my journey as an Intern at Abhyaz, working with various projects provided by MTAB Engineers over the last three months. My role primarily focused on documentation in the Sales and Service Department. Throughout this internship, my professional growth has been significant, particularly in areas like time management and meeting deadlines. Building connections with individuals from various departments, including the collaboration with MTAB Engineers, has been a valuable aspect of my experience.

My Internship Experience:

 During my initial stint as a Content Writer, grasping everything proved challenging. However, with invaluable support from my mentor and fellow interns, particularly within the Abhyaz team and MTAB Engineers, I successfully navigated and overcame those early struggles. The credit for my growth and accomplishments during this internship truly belongs to the collaborative efforts of my team. Here is a list of tasks I accomplished during this period.

Catalogue Design:

Crafted a comprehensive catalogue for the following software, including CNC Train software, MAPS 5 Flexible Automation System, and SFMS. Designed an eye-catching cover page using the Canva application.

Workshop Presentation:

Developed content and incorporated images based on mentor and technical guidance for an engaging workshop presentation, a project facilitated by MTAB Engineers.

Mass Email Workshop Invitations: 

Formulated an email invitation for the workshop and efficiently shared it with CRM contacts through mass email, with MTAB Engineers playing a crucial role in the outreach.

Certificate & Template Design:

Designed an email template for workshop attendees and created participation certificates using Canva design, ensuring a collaborative effort with MTAB Engineers in achieving the desired outcome.

Campaign & Reminder Emails:

Devised a campaign email to invite existing customers to become MTAB brand ambassadors, promoting software experience through webinars. Additionally, crafted reminder emails for the campaign, collaborating closely with MTAB Engineers for seamless execution.

Cold-calling Content:

Created a template for reference phone call conversations before sending out the campaign email, aligning strategies with both Abhyaz and MTAB Engineers.

Software Update Emails:

Formulated email templates for software module upgrades, targeting both existing and new customers, with input and collaboration from MTAB Engineers.

FY Document Organization:

Implemented a systematic digital file organization for documents such as sales and service records, purchase orders, installation and demo details, and minutes of meetings throughout the financial year, ensuring alignment with MTAB Engineers' project requirements.

Engaging with Mentors daily:

Utilizing virtual breakout rooms, I maintained daily communication with my mentors, including those from MTAB Engineers, who consistently offered guidance and support.

Tools Utilized:

E-Mail and Collaboration Tools:

Zoho WorkDrive:

Task allocation and submission of completed work were managed here.

Zoho Mail:

Shared workshop invitations and certificates, facilitating communication through Zoho Mail.

Zoho Writer:

Employed for content creation and formatting purposes.

Zoho Show: 

Utilized for the creation of workshop presentations.

Sales and Marketing:

Zoho CRM:

Sent workshop invitations in bulk using CRM contacts.

Lumi App:

Used for generating interactive H5P files for task completion videos, with guidance and collaboration from MTAB Engineers.

Sincere Gratitude to all My Mentors and Colleagues from various departments:

Big thanks to my mentor and colleagues at Abhyaz and MTAB Engineers for making my time as a Documentation Intern awesome! Your constant support and guidance helped me grow professionally. I appreciate how we all worked together as a team at Abhyaz and MTAB Engineers, overcoming challenges and hitting some big achievements during my internship.


In short, this journey has had a significant impact on me. I've realised the value of teamwork, effective communication, and adaptability. Whether tackling new tasks or completing projects, it was always a team effort. As I conclude this internship, I'm not just gaining new skills; I'm also carrying away wonderful friendships and memories. I'm eager to apply what I've learned and stay in touch with everyone at Abhyaz and MTAB Engineers.