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Knowledge-Based Internships

  • Knowledge-based internships are for a duration of one month and open to students.
  • Explore opportunities to learn from industry experts and gain valuable expertise relevant to your role.

Job Role Based Internships

  • Job role based internships are for a duration of three to six months and open to all.
  • Experience the opportunity to gain industry exposure and experience in specific domains.

About our Internship

The internship program runs from Monday to Saturday, from 1 PM to 6 PM. The 2nd and 4th Saturdays are holidays.

The minimum duration of the internship program is 3 month.

After completing the internship, you will receive a certificate within a week.

Based on your performance and outcomes, you will receive attractive rewards and compensation.

Process Flow


Apply Online


Enroll for Evaluation


Join our Live Session


Submit your Evaluation


Receive your Offer


Accept & Onboard


Perform in your Role


Get Certified

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Who is eligible to apply for the Abhyaz internship?

We encourage every individual to apply for internship, based on the their skillset.

How can I apply for the internship?

To apply click here.

Can I work remotely?

All internships provided are conducted remotely.

Is the Internship Program open to international students?

Yes, we are offering internships international students and its open for everyone globally.

What is the Evaluation submission?
During the evaluation submission, you are expected to provide a task that demonstrates your skills.    
What is the Onboarding process?

Onboarding process consist of two parts:
    1.Orientation program : During the onboarding program, you will receive an introduction to our platform and you will get to know about our work culture.

    2. Induction program : During the induction program, you will be introduced to the tools, and we will offer support tailored to your job role.

What happens in peer-to-peer review?
Peer-to-peer review involves colleagues providing feedback and evaluation of each other's work. 
Is there any opportunity for a full-time position after the internship?

Yes, we offer full-time positions as needed when we have openings.

Can we continue after 3 months internship?

If you're interested, you have the option to extend the internship period.

Will I get the stipend on monthly basis or at the end of the internship?​

After completion of the internship you will receive the rewards and compensation based on your performance.


If you need any assistance related to the Internship 


Contact Us: hr@abhyaz.com

Chat with Us:

            Click on the chat box window left corner of your website.

            Available between MON-FRI 11:00AM - 6:30PM, except public holidays.