Simplified Finance : MTC's Journey with Zoho Books

21 Oct 2023 07:03 PM By Sivaharibalan

Minimizing Accounting Challenges Using Zoho Books

Zoho Books, the One Stop Solution for All Our Financial Operation Needs. Its simplified user interface makes it very easy for all accounting processes and can be handled by anyone easily. MTAB Technology Center's (MTC) accounting turned upside down after using Zoho Books from a hectic laborious process to an automated accounting system that will take care of all your accounting needs.

Company & Its Challenges :

MTAB Technology Centre (MTC), is a prominent provider of skill development and talent management solutions, with a recent expansion into Enterprise Transformation services. Operating by two distinctive brands, CNCTrain for advanced skill delivery solutions for Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 and Abhyaz, focuses on Talent Management through Intern 4.0 (building remote workforce by project based internships). While MTC excels in skill development and talent management solutions, on the other hand their financial operations face various challenges like manual accounting procedures and lack of features in their financial software which obstacles their ability to perform effectively. So, MTC is in need to go for a financial management transformation by exploring some other alternatives to overcome these obstacles.   

Zoho Books : The Solution

At that time, MTC came to know about Zoho Books, a cloud based accounting software well known for its features and decided to give it a try. All these obstacles were turned upside down once MTC started using zoho books. 

Introducing Zoho Books in MTC :

MTC needed time saving accounting software with enriched features. Hence, Zoho books are a great fit for them. It can automatically update every financial transaction in the business, simplifies invoicing, tracking expenses and updating financial reports regularly. Thus, MTC collaborates with Zoho to get services tailored for their specific financial operation needs and simplified accounting with Zoho books. From then on, MTC was able to allocate their resources effectively and started to excel towards their goal.   

Desired Results :

Zoho Books was really a game changer in the financial management of MTC. It achieved many outcomes which transformed the financial operations at MTC forever. Those achievements are :

Role-Based Access:

Each department in the organization, like Sales, Purchase, Human Resource (HR) and Accounts, was provided access to the accounting software to use the product effectively and give inputs to the finance team.

Automated Data Entry :

Day to Day Financial Entry Operations were reduced remarkably due to the automated data entry system and simplified the management of Purchase and Sales through connecting Vendors and Customers to our Accounting System.   

Billing and GST :

The Integration of E-Invoicing and GST compliance ensured smooth and hassle free regulatory compliance.

Audit Trail System :

Gave access to the auditors to review the financial records and conclude the accounts by establishing an audit trail based system.  

Live Dashboards :

It provides Real time insights on financial operations, especially it's so helpful in day-to-day operations.

Budget Management :

It can create budgets and track the performance of these budgets.

Business Friendly MIS System :

The Management Information System was so user - friendly that it informs the business owner about the financial status and supports them in their decision-making process. 

These are the outcomes that help in the financial operations transformation at MTC. From there, Zoho books became a permanent asset in MTC's business. If You are facing similar accounting challenges as MTC did, it's time to explore Zoho Books and find out how it can help you to transform as it did for MTAB Technology Center

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Testimonial :

Zoho Books has transformed our financial management once and for all. At first, we doubted that getting people to handle the accounting system would be difficult and even faced resistance from auditors. But once we integrated it properly, the system seems incredibly user-friendly. Although we are paying an annual licensing cost, when considering this from a financial performance perspective, it provides valuable insights that greatly improve our finance management. This transformation and collaboration made MTC & Zoho work together. All these challenges we faced, sorted out by team collaboration and hard work, which led as to become an implementation partner for Zoho Books.