"Pixels in Progress: A Graphic Design Internship experience Blog"

25 May 2023 02:43 PM By Rukhsana


Hello Everyone! I am Rukhsana Sarwar from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. I was a Graphic design intern at Abhyaz for the past four months. I am glad to be a part of this organization. It was my first experience with a highly reputed company. This internship was in remote mode but I feel this virtual office is like a real workplace. There were flexible working hours with the admiringly cooperative team and mentors.


As a Graphic designer, I have designed many collaterals for Abhyaz, CNCTrain, and MTC websites.

Banner Design

I have used Canva official credentials for this purpose. All the hero image banners for the CNCTrain website were designed by me. These banners were related to the home page, about us page, Product page, Solution page and contact us page. Also, I have designed some banners for MTC like banners for the home page and about us page. I feel very confident whenever I see my designed banners on all of these websites. At the end of my internship month, I acreated an animated banner for Zoho and Abhyaz partnerships.

Social media post design

Besides, I have created many social media posts.The social media posts were related to the webinar, technical products, and the Holi festival.

Poster, Flyer and Brochures design

I have designed a number of brochures, flyers and posters. Mostly, the flyers were related to the CNCTrain e-learning product.Brochures and posters were related to solution page; Career4.0 and skill 4.0.

Graphical images and Social Favicon

 I have created many graphical images using Canva tools. I also have designed a favicon for the MTC website.

Certificate design

Several designs of Certificates for MTAB, CNCTrain and abhyaz were also the part of my creativity.


During my internship, I prepared the presentations by using the Zoho show. I have learned many tools in the Zoho show because it was my first interaction with the Zoho show. My mentors guide me to use these tools in the Zoho show.

Learning Environment

Overall the method for Assessment and grading was fabulous. I was provided with an online external work drive link for Zoho. There was a weekly workshop submission system in which all the interns had to submit their tasks in the form of skill capture or knowledge capture. The work of each intern was graded by other interns as well as mentors. This type of assessment increases the rate of learning. Moreover, A monthly competition was arranged, In which the interns from all the departments participated. The winner of that competition was named rockstar intern of the Month and awarded an admiring certificate. I think this type of learning activity cannot be found in all the companies for interns.

Appreciation Words

At the end, I want to say thanks to my mentors especially Trapti and Saumya mam to help me a lot and properly guiding me, on this remarkable journey. Through this internship, I gained a lot of confidence. It improves my communication skills as well as enables me to work under pressure within time limits and develop myself as a good person. I will suggest others who want to increase their skill set, join Abhyaz.