• Transforming Educational Institute 

    Enhancing Institutions for Success with Zoho Apps!!

    Transforming Educational 


    Enhancing Institutions for Success with Zoho Apps!!

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Our training experience helps us understand your stakeholders in your institution, providing the necessary context for business transformation. We offer standard solutions for educational institutions, which include

Grievance Redressal System

Grievance Redressal System

Ensure compliance with essential grievance redressal through a system-driven approach to capture, resolve, categorize, and report issues from various stakeholders.

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Campus Recruit System

Campus Recruit System

Centralizes the recruitment process, job role-based onboarding courses, and evaluations to significantly increase placement success rates.

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Solutions We Offer



Industry-relevant pre-configured tools are Sites, SalesIQ, CRM, Desk, Payroll, People, Books, Recruit, and Analytics.



Access e-learning across various Zoho apps, including Sites, SalesIQ, CRM, Recruit, People, Payroll, Analytics, Desk, and more.



Job Role, Tool and Process based onboarding courses and evaluations are available in Sales, Marketing, HR, Recruitment, Business analytics functions - Upskill your employees today.



Student Grievance Management System, Institute Intelligence System, and Placement Portals are some of our ready-to-deploy solutions in education.

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Grievance Redressal System

With so many students, alumni, employees, and related stakeholders, grievances are expected. We offer grievance and complaint management systems that help you address and automate these issues systematically while also ensuring that your organization can implement changes that are necessary to solve these issues. The solution includes a performance dashboard that provides metrics on source of complaints, resolution time, agent performance, and reason for complaint.


Institute Intelligence System

Real-time business metrics are necessary today to know what is happening at your institution. We offer pre-designed dashboards tailored to specific areas in educational institutions. Dashboard with real-time business metrics for understanding your institutional performance for faculty, head of department, dean, and decision-makers. The dashboard provides insight into your operations, including brand image, students, programs, assets and infrastructure, partnerships, placement, and more.


Campus Recruitment System

We can increase your placements by enabling your partner companies to execute their placements through a dedicated online hiring system in combination with Abhyaz partnerships. Here we also provide the necessary job roles, evaluations, and onboarding courses that allow companies to seek your students as they are well prepared for the job roles. The solution includes a performance dashboard with metrics on companies hiring, job roles offered, compensation data, conversion rate, performance in evaluations, and onboarding courses.


Website Management

As with any business in the digital age, you have a website with chat. We can transition your website with a pre-configured chatbot specific to your business with Zoho Sites + SalesIQ. Classify visitors as customers—students, parents, placement partners, industrial sponsors, vendors, and more—and address their queries accordingly. Direct your visitors to specific product inquiries or pages such as BE/ME programs, diploma programs, short-term courses, infrastructure, facilities, etc. We ensure that your web visitors are captured as leads in your CRM. Engage your web visitors more effectively with our solution.

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