"My Experience as an Intern in Software Engineering"

30 Jan 2024 02:38 PM By Nitish


 Greetings, everyone! I'm Nitish Kumar, and I had the incredible opportunity to serve as a Software Engineer intern at Abhyaz.This journey has been nothing short of thrilling, and I'm excited to share the highlights of my internship experience with you. Joining Abhyaz for my internship opened an exciting new chapter in my career. The anticipation of learning and growth surged through me upon receiving the offer letter. At Abhyaz, I delved into the dynamic worlds of IoT, web development, and collaborative knowledge sharing. This transformative internship equipped me with invaluable insights and essential skills, shaping my professional journey.

Internship Adventure:

During my internship at Abhyaz, I had an enriching experience honing my technical skills and clarifying my career goals. This internship proved to be a remarkable journey marked by significant achievements. I am grateful to my mentors and the entire team for their patience and for sharing valuable insights with me. Exploring the fascinating world of IoT and web development was eye-opening, and engaging in real tasks enhanced my understanding. Taking on the role of a lead intern, I dealt with the intricacies of management, handling multiple responsibilities simultaneously. The challenges I encountered were both thrilling and demanding, pushing me to utilize my skills and knowledge to their fullest potential. As a software engineer, my responsibilities extended to providing crucial insights into various fields. This hands-on experience allowed me to delve into the intricacies of these platforms, providing valuable insights into their functionality and contributing to my continuous learning journey.


​1. IoT:

 Early in my journey, I took on the exciting challenge of delving into the realm of IoT. My task was to create a presentation on any IoT topic, and I chose "IoT Based Smart Garbage." Although I wasn't entirely ready for it, the experience turned out to be quite thrilling. I collected data, explored the intricacies of IoT systems, and crafted a presentation. It was an awesome adventure into this fascinating field, where I picked up a bunch of new things and gained some cool skills along the way.

 2. Web Development Journey:

Exploring the world of web development brought a unique mix of challenges and exciting opportunities. While navigating this dynamic field, I had the chance to channel my creativity into crafting certificates using HTML and CSS, adding a hands-on dimension to my learning experience. This creative endeavor, coupled with my broader exploration of web development intricacies, made the entire journey both engaging and rewarding.


3. Knowledge Sharing Experience:

Engaging in knowledge sharing became a fulfilling aspect of my journey. As I embraced this opportunity, I took on a leadership role as a lead intern, facilitating collaborative learning among my peers. This experience not only reinforced my understanding of various concepts but also allowed me to contribute actively to the collective growth of the team. In addition to working on team projects, I found gratification in sharing insights, fostering a culture of continuous learning within our dynamic community.

Mentors at Abhyaz:

The mentors at Abhyaz were more than just bosses; they were like my guiding stars. A big shout-out to Shruti Gupta Ma'am and Harsh Raj Sir! When I first started, everything felt a bit confusing—how to use the portal, how to work in a team. It was my first time working in a place like this. But guess what? My mentors were super kind. They helped me at every step, patiently answering all my questions. They guided me all the way and were always there to clear up any doubts I had. With them by my side, every task felt much easier. I'm really thankful to have had such awesome mentors.


My time at Abhyaz during the internship was amazing! I discovered how to work together with a team and picked up lots of cool skills. I feel lucky to have been part of such a fantastic organization. Now, I feel much more sure about what I can do, and it's all because of Abhyaz.