Virtual Evolution: Chronicles of my 5-Month HR Executive Internship at Abhyaz

31 Jan 2024 03:47 PM By Malavikas0404


Embarking on my journey as an HR Executive intern at Abhyaz wasn't just about gaining professional workplace experience, but navigating through the uncharted waters of a virtual internship. In the span of five months, I immersed myself in the world of HR, embracing challenges, acquiring knowledge, and honing my skills in a dynamic virtual environment. 

Onboarding and Transition Sessions: 

On my very first day, the team at Abhyaz extended a warm virtual welcome, introducing me to the intricacies of the organizational culture. Through interactive sessions, my team members not only acquainted me with their roles but also fostered a collaborative environment where questions and discussions flowed freely. Despite the virtual setting, the team's commitment to creating a supportive atmosphere set the tone for my entire internship. 

Maintaining Interns' Records:

Navigating On-boarding, Payments, and Transitions: In my capacity as an HR Executive intern at Abhyaz, I assumed a pivotal role in maintaining comprehensive records for the entire intern life cycle. This included meticulously documenting orientation and exit sessions, ensuring seamless on-boarding and transitions. Additionally, I managed stipends and payments, adding a financial layer to my responsibilities and showcasing the diverse facets of HR administration. This experience not only polished my organizational skills but also deepened my understanding of the interns' journey within the organization. 

Recruitment Process Mastery:

As an HR Executive intern, I delved into the end-to-end recruitment process, gaining hands-on experience in job publishing, screening resumes, sending evaluation emails, scheduling interviews, and crafting and dispatching offer letters. Each step of the process offered insights into the intricacies of talent acquisition, exposing me to the strategic decision-making involved in building a competent workforce. 

Problem Solving and Intern Support:

A significant part of my internship involved addressing queries and concerns from fellow interns. Actively engaging in resolving issues, I contributed to creating a positive and inclusive virtual work environment. This aspect of my role not only enhanced my problem-solving skills but also underscored the importance of teamwork and mutual support in a remote setting. 

Continuous Learning and Skill Enhancement

The virtual nature of the internship presented a unique set of challenges, from mastering virtual collaboration tools to adapting to a remote work culture. Over the months, I not only adapted but thrived, improving my HR skills, communication abilities, and overall professional acumen. The continuous learning curve became an enriching aspect of my internship, making each day a new opportunity for growth. 


As I conclude my 5-month journey as an HR Executive intern at Abhyaz, I am filled with gratitude for the invaluable experiences, challenges, and lessons that have shaped my professional trajectory. Navigating the virtual landscape has not only expanded my knowledge and skills but has also instilled in me a resilience that will undoubtedly serve me well in my future endeavors. Abhyaz has been more than a virtual workplace; it has been the canvas on which I painted my growth, learning, and accomplishments in the world of HR.