Unveiling Growth: My Path as a Web Developer at Abhyaz

16 Apr 2024 01:51 PM By Yogesh Kadam


As I wrap up my exhilarating three-month stint as a web developer at Abhyaz, I can't help but look back at the incredible journey I've had. It's been a time of growth, discovery, and innovation, setting the stage for an exciting new chapter in my career.

My Responsibilities:

1. Web Development and Design:

During my time at Abhyaz, my main focus revolved around web development and design. Using tools like Zoho Sites and Canva, I worked on several key projects:

  • Onboarding Courses Page: I crafted and designed a page showcasing the courses and tools offered by CNCTrain, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Evaluations Page: I took charge of designing and developing a page highlighting the effectiveness of our evaluation processes.
  • Simulation Software Page: I conceptualized and developed a page detailing the various simulation software solutions provided by CNCTrain.
  • Contact Us Page: I created a user-friendly contact section, enabling visitors to reach out for product support or partnership inquiries effortlessly.

2. SEO and Site Optimization: 

Another significant aspect of my role involved enhancing our online presence through SEO and site optimization:

  • SITEMAP XML Enhancement: I revamped the site's SITEMAP XML to improve navigation and ensure better indexing by search engines, boosting our visibility online.
  • Implementing SEO Strategies: I strategized and implemented various SEO techniques to elevate CNCTrain’s web presence, aiming to attract a larger audience and enhance user engagement.

3. Editing work for YouTube Videos: 

In addition to website-related tasks, I also contributed to editing work for our YouTube videos, using Canva to create visually appealing content.

4. Creating Zobot using Zoho SalesIQ: 

I also had the opportunity to create a Zobot using Zoho SalesIQ, enabling automated interactions with website visitors.

Collaboration and Teamwork:

At Abhyaz, I learned the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Working alongside a diverse team of developers, designers, and mentors, I realized that no project can succeed in isolation. Engaging in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and code reviews not only expanded my technical skills but also emphasized the power of teamwork in achieving common objectives.

Balancing Work and Personal Life:

In the tech industry's fast-paced environment, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial. At Abhyaz, I experienced a culture that prioritizes employee well-being and holistic development. By encouraging regular breaks and downtime, the company fosters an environment where employees can rejuvenate and recharge, leading to increased productivity and creativity.


As I bid farewell to Abhyaz, I'm filled with gratitude for the incredible experiences and opportunities I've had. My journey as a web developer has been filled with growth, learning, and fulfillment, thanks to the unwavering support and guidance from the Abhyaz team. Armed with newfound skills and confidence, I eagerly look forward to the next chapter of my professional journey, fueled by passion, purpose, and endless possibilities.

Yogesh Kadam