Title: My Internship Journey at Abhyaz

20 Sep 2023 02:51 PM By Asif Ali


On my internship journey as an HR Executive at Abhyaz was an exciting and transformative experience. This opportunity not only allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge I had gained in my studies but also provided me with invaluable insights into the dynamic world of human resources. In this blog, I will share the highlights of my internship experience at Abhyaz, detailing the responsibilities. I undertook, the challenges I faced, and the lessons I learned.

Responsibilities And Learning opportunities:

1. Recruitment and Onboarding:  My primary responsibility as an HR Executive intern was to assist in the recruitment process. This involved posting job vacancies, screening resumes, conducting initial interviews, and coordinating with hiring managers. I quickly learned that finding the right candidate goes beyond their qualifications; it's about identifying individuals who align with the company's culture and values.

2. Training and Development: A highlight of my internship was being involved in the training and development programs. I assisted in designing training modules and workshops, which enhanced my understanding of aligning professional growth with organizational objectives.

3. Learning Hr Solution cloud based Software: 

Zoho People: Zoho People is a cloud-based HR management software designed to simplify and automate various HR processes. it provides a centralised platform for managing employee information, attendance, leave management, performance appraisal, and much more with zoho people.

Zoho Recruit: Zoho Recruit is a cloud based recruitment software that helps organisation Streamline their hiring process, from posting job openings to onboarding new employees. it provides a centralised platform for recruiters and HR professional to manage candidate profiles, track job openings, celebrate with team members, and make data driven hiring process. 

This Image Show's The Main Dashboard Of Zoho People

Key Takeaways:

● My internship at Abhyaz reinforced the notion that HR is not just about paperwork and processes. It's about people, their aspirations, and their growth within the organization.


My internship as an HR Executive at Abhyaz was a transformative experience that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. It reinforced my passion for human resources and provided me with a solid foundation for my future career. Abhyaz's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a positive work culture has left a lasting impression on me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of their journey. As I look ahead, I am excited to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained during my internship to contribute positively to the world of HR.

Asif Ali