Project Management Internship at Abyaz

08 Jan 2024 05:51 PM By manaliklimaye

Journey At Abyaz as Project Management Intern

Hi. I am Manali Limaye. I am excited to inform you that I have completed my 3-month internship in the field of project management at Abhyaz- MTAB technology Center. I am a IT professional with around 9 years working as a senior business analyst and a SAP FI consultant in various companies. I recently completed a PMP certification and was looking for project management internship programs. I came across internship programs offered by Abhyaz which were specific for project management roles which are not common to find. This was a extensive 3 month internship program and also a virtual one which I liked felt interested to join after going through their program.


A wonderful learning experience indeed...

This journey has been exciting from Day 1.. I have received valuable guidance from my mentors throughout my journey as a project management intern. I have gained experience in agile, resource management, PMP template preparation, Sprint planning meetings, weekly and quarterly sprint update meetings. etc to name a few. The help from the other departments such as Product development and delivery , Product sales and marketing, HR and operations, Product management has also helped me gain valuable exposure and experience in project and understanding the product development life cycle as well along with the project management part of software development life cycle.

I was happy to learn the Agile project management lifecycle. To create sprint goals, to monitor them, to get updates, follow up on backlogs, how to remove the hindrances, reprioritize the sprint goals for the next sprint taking into account the backlog items, create issue list, create project template for projects handled, update the status of the project sprint wise and task wise on a continuous basis. Tag the responsible stakeholders and get updates on the various tasks assigned to the stakeholders. Weekly updates were regularly taken in the weekly reporting meetings. Daily scrum calls were conducted to answer the 3 basic questions of daily scrum studiously. Tasks/ issues were given updated status based on the labels such as ongoing, delayed, on time etc. Sprint wise views were created to give an easy understanding of the status of issues and the same was shared with the relevant team members to follow up on pending issues/ tasks.

I also maintained issue logs and follow up on issue logs for the projects handled. I also took part and conducted in quarterly reporting for sprint goals and helped in presenting and preparing the quarterly reporting, giving the relevant metrics to the senior management. This experience is surely going to help me in the project management field. 


Last but not the least I specifically thank Mr. Chetan Huilgol, Ms Keerthy Thankan and Mr. Krishnakumar Thangamani who helped me throughout this internship and were exceptional mentors.

Thanks to Abhyaz and its full team for providing me with this experience.