Navigating the HR Odyssey: A Journey of Discovery And Growth  

22 Feb 2024 01:12 PM By Sarita


Embarking on my nine- month HR internship at Abhyaz in a virtual work environment, a mix of nerves and anticipation filled me. Uncertain yet eager, I soon realized this remote work journey as an HR Executive would uncover a world of growth and purpose, transforming my confidence into competence.

Guided by wisdom

Under the seasoned mentorship of Rashmita, I found my bearings in the vast HR landscape even in a virtual realm. Her wisdom became my guiding light, leading me through the intricacies of talent management, employee relations, organizational development with newfound assurance.

Exploring Talent Management and Dynamics

Delving into the complexities of HR, I discovered a profound fascination for talent management, Organizational Dynamics, and employee relations. Each task served as a canvas for refining my skills, broadening my HR expertise.

Shouldering Intern Leadership

Transitioning from a team member to an intern lead, I embraced additional responsibilities. Balancing tasks while mentoring fellow interns pushed me beyond my comfort zone, fostering teamwork and mutual growth across digital platform.

Crossing Functional Borders

Collaborating with the sales department revealed the transformative power of cross- functional synergy. Insights gleaned underscored the vital connection between HR and Sales, highlighting the significance of holistic teamwork.

Reflections and Gratitude

 As my internship draws to a close, I reflect on my growth with heartfelt gratitude. From navigating uncertainties to celebrating triumphs, each experience has sculpted me into a more adept HR professional. 

Task Accomplishments

During my internship at Abhyaz, I undertook various responsibilities, including publishing and unpublishing job postings, preparing job descriptions, sending evaluation and orientation/ onboarding campaigns, managing orientation and exit live sessions, recognizing interns of the month, and liaising with mentors for interns requirements, closing the evaluation workshop and preparing the list for selected candidates for sending the offer letter , sending offer letters. Additionally, I contributed to full- time hiring processes within the organizations, scheduling interviews, and even collaborated with the sales team on cold calling for institute and customers.


My nine-month HR internship at Abhyaz in a virtual work environment has been nothing short of transformative. From learning the intricacies of talent management to actively contributing to organizational growth, each task has been a stepping stone towards my development as an HR professional. As I move forward, armed with invaluable experience and insights, I eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in my career journey.