My Unforgettable Journey: A Reflection on My Internship Experience at Abhyaz from MTAB Technology Center

03 Apr 2024 01:33 PM By aysha muraffa


I am Aysha Muraffa, and for four months, I had the privilege of working as a Finance Executive Intern at Abhyaz Mtab Technology Center. What started as a three-month internship was extended by an additional month, enriching my experience and deepening my learning at the organization. From the moment I stepped into this internship, I knew I was embarking on a journey that would shape my professional growth and personal development. The next few months were filled with challenges, learning opportunities, and unforgettable moments that I will cherish forever.

Onboarding Experience:

Unlike the internship journey begins with the onboarding process, where all are introduced to the task related to their departments. I was assigned the task related to my role as Finance Executive to work with the expense tracking system, where I worked with ZOHO Expense software. Presenting my work on this task was just the beginning, as the grading, feedback, and improvements paved the way for further growth.

Learning the ropes:

The next step after onboarding was diving into the daily operations of the company. In the Finance Operations department, I delved into various tasks that honed my skills and understanding of the financial landscape. From creating sales orders and invoices to collaborating with the PSM (Product, Sales, and Marketing) team, each experience added a layer of practical knowledge to my academic background. I was also assigned another task to work on ZOHO Books.

Skill Development in Finance and Accounting:

Within the realm of Finance and accounting, I had the opportunity to work with ZOHO Books, a comprehensive accounting software. This hands-on experience allowed me to create sales orders, invoices, and estimates, learning about reports and banking, while also about the product entries like adding or cleaning items or inventories. Collaborating with the PSM team further enhanced my understanding of customer requirements, leading to the creation of estimates and orders for both domestic and international customers, I also got to work with other ZOHO tools like CRM desk and other software. Working closely with customers, both domestic and international, provided me with insights into advertising campaigns and promotional strategies.

Mentorship and Guidance:

One of the highlights of my internships was the mentorship I received from experienced professionals in the field. Their guidance, feedback, and encouragement not only helped me navigate the challenges but also inspired me to strive for excellence in everything I do. Beyond the professional growth, my internship experience allowed me to build meaningful relationships with my mentors and fellow interns. Their support and guidance have been friendly and instrumental in my growth as when it comes to connecting with like-minded people, things get easy.


 I am grateful for the knowledge gained, skills developed, and connections made during this period. The nurturing environment at Abhyaz Internship has provided me with a holistic learning experience, combining finance, accounting, and customer engagement. I am grateful for the diverse opportunities and unwavering support that have fueled my growth during this internship. It was a journey filled with growth and challenges that have prepared me for endeavors in my career. Thank you Abhyaz, my mentors, and my fellow interns for being a part of this transformative journey!

aysha muraffa