My Journey through Software Engineer Internship at Abhyaz

28 Feb 2024 12:41 PM By Rishika bogi

Hi everyone, my name is Bogi Rishika! I'm excited to share about my recent three-month internship as a Software Engineer at Abhyaz, hosted by MTAB Technology Center Pvt. Ltd. From November 23, 2023, to Feburary 23, 2024, I embarked on a thrilling journey, immersing myself in the dynamic world of technology and acquiring valuable skills and experiences.

Experience at Abhyaz

I had a special opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of a software engineer intern thanks to Abhyaz. The virtual environment that Abhyaz constructed for me exceeded my expectations and allowed me to feel fully immersed in my work, even if the internship site was remote. Every day is made rewarding by easy access, smooth mentor relationships, and a cooperative atmosphere with committed mentors and team members. I am incredibly appreciative of the advise I was given because it not only motivated me to work harder but also gave me insightful direction and support when I needed it.


1.Zoho Page Sense: Setting up Zoho Page Sense for the CNCtrain website with the goal of improving user experience and gaining insightful knowledge about user behaviour. The procedure began with the setup of a Zoho Page Sense account. Next, a CNCtrain project was created within the platform. The monitoring phase entails reviewing funnel data to comprehend user journeys, investigating heatmaps and session recordings, and routinely checking the Zoho Page Sense dashboard for thorough analytics. Equipped with these findings, Zoho Page Sense analytics guides the iterative process of improving the CNCtrain website, guaranteeing ongoing optimization. Finally, we emphasized the significance of consulting the Zoho Page Sense documentation for more complex features and utilizing help channels in the event that setup issues arise. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees the smooth integration .


2.Integration of CRM Web Forms : Integrating CRM web forms into your website using Zoho Site Builder can be achieved through two primary methods. Firstly, leveraging Zoho Site Builder's native form elements streamlines the integration process. By selecting the appropriate form element, connecting it to Zoho CRM, mapping fields, and saving the configuration, you can seamlessly capture and transfer customer data. Alternatively, you can opt for a more customized approach by creating a custom web form and embedding Zoho CRM-generated code into the HTML source. This method allows for greater flexibility in form design while ensuring that submitted data is accurately transmitted to Zoho CRM. Whether through native elements or custom coding, these integration methods enhance customer data management and streamline the CRM experience on your website.Top of Form


 3. Creating Forms in Zoho Desk: One of the most useful features of Zoho Desk Web Forms is the ability to create and embed forms right onto your website. Customers can easily send requests, questions, or problems through your web platform with this functionality. The adaptability of Zoho Desk Web Forms resides in its customization features, which enable you to modify the forms to gather particular data that is necessary for your business procedures. By integrating these forms into your website, you can make sure that the data collected is exactly what your company needs while also streamlining the client engagement process. This feature gives users a direct way to interact with your services, which improves the overall effectiveness of customer care and request handling.

Work Environment at Abhyaz

My professional development was facilitated by Abhyaz's upbeat and encouraging work atmosphere. Even if there were some initial difficulties in adjusting to the complexities of a virtual workplace, the crucial mentorship made the transition easy. Their continuous support and straightforward guidance made my transition to the remote setting much easier. Working on group projects with coworkers helped me improve my problem-solving, communication, and creative thinking abilities. My time as a remote intern was greatly shaped by this encouraging work atmosphere, which also greatly aided in my professional growth.



When I think back on my time at Abhyaz, I am incredibly appreciative of the rewarding experiences that have impacted my development as a professional. My abilities have improved significantly as a result of my immersion in software engineering, which is marked by interesting projects and practical experience. In addition to encouraging teamwork, Abhyaz's collaborative work environment made a substantial contribution to my ability to solve problems and manage my time. I'm leaving Abhyaz with a strong skill set and a sense of confidence, prepared to use what I've learned to take on new challenges in the ever-changing field of software engineering. I want to sincerely thank Abhyaz for this amazing trip that was full of opportunity for both professional and personal growth.


Rishika bogi