My Journey as a Robotics Intern at Abhyaz

15 Apr 2024 01:10 PM By srivaishnavisv73966


In my role as a Robotics Engineering intern at Abhyaz, I had the privilege of contributing to the dynamic environment of the MTAB Technology Center for a rewarding three-month internship. I worked on modules in ABB Robot Studio software, created a license document for CNCTrain, and conducted callfollow-ups for clients based on software, gaining valuable experience in robotics and software development.


1. Scorm to H5P Conversions  

Knowledge conversion  During my internship at Abhyaz, I developed a Skill Capture and Knowledge Capture, as well as a Lumi presentation, for ABB Robot Studio software files, enhancing my proficiency in software development and robotics.

2. Creating License for CNCTrain Software

Software Licenses: I have designed our software license to be easily understandable for users, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding the terms of use. Our aim is to ensure that you can confidently utilize our program while being fully aware of your rights and responsibilities.

3. Call Follow Ups

call follow up for clients: Engaging in call follow-ups with clients who have purchased our software has significantly enhanced my communication skills. These interactions have not only strengthened our relationships with clients but also provided valuable insights into their needs and challenges, enabling us to improve our products and services effectively.

4. Testing Software's:

Alpha and Beta Testing of CNC Software:

During my internship at Abhyaz, I conducted alpha and beta testing of CNC software before its release. These experiences honed my skills in software testing and quality assurance, ensuring that the final product met high standards of performance and reliability.

Learning and Growth

My internship at Abhyaz has been a transformative experience, marked by continuous learning and professional growth. Working on modules in ABB RobotStudio software, creating a license document for CNCTrain, and conducting call follow-ups for clients have expanded my skill set and deepened my understanding of software development and client relations. Additionally, developing a Skill Capture and Knowledge Capture, as well as a Lumi presentation, for ABB RobotStudio software files has sharpened my ability to communicate complex technical concepts effectively. Moreover, my involvement in alpha and beta testing of CNC software has enhanced my proficiency in software testing and quality assurance practices. Overall, my time at Abhyaz has not only equipped me with valuable technical skills but also improved my problem-solving abilities and communication skills, preparing me for future challenges in the field of robotics and software development.


During my internship at Abhyaz, I embarked on a rewarding journey of learning and growth, immersing myself in the world of web development. The experience was invaluable, offering me insights and experiences that have enriched my skills and understanding. I am deeply grateful for the mentorship and support of the Abhyaz team, and I eagerly anticipate applying the knowledge and skills I have acquired to further my career in Robotics.