My journey as a Graphic Design Intern

17 Apr 2024 12:34 PM By Rabab Bhojani

In today's world, internships have become the gateway to practical learning and professional growth without having previous work experience. Just like any other student, I was also looking for an internship, but a remote one, so I can manage my home as well, while working, and that is when I found Abhyaz on LinkedIn.

Discovering Abhyaz

Abhyaz stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering remote internships across diverse departments including Engineering and IT, Sales and Marketing, Human Resource, Design and Creativity, Operations and Management, Business Development etc. Their mission extends beyond individual growth, fostering partnerships with universities and institutes to amplify global impact and equip fresh graduates with hands-on corporate experience remotely.

Mentorship and Support

Throughout my internship, I found unwavering support from my mentors, Trapti Singh and Saumya Tiwari, in the Product Sales and Marketing department. Despite the internship being unpaid, the wealth of experience gained under their guidance proved invaluable, shaping my professional trajectory.

Navigating Remote Work

Balancing remote work with my home routine initially looked like a challenge to me. However, Abhyaz's flexible approach ensured that I was empowered to excel without compromising personal commitments.

Designing for Social Media

Talking about the design tasks, I embarked on projects ranging from crafting engaging social media posts to producing compelling video ads. With access to premium tools like Canva for Teams and Zoho Social, I seamlessly brought my creative visions to life, elevating Abhyaz's brand identity and outreach efforts.

A Testimonial of gratitude

All in all, my journey at Abhyaz was a mix of creativity, mentorship and adaptability that defines the modern remote internship experience.

As Abhyaz continues to shape the future of remote internships, countless students stand poised to unlock their potential and carve their paths to success.

Rabab Bhojani