A Glimpse into the World of Digital Marketing 

09 Nov 2023 12:30 PM By Uzair


As my one-month internship at Abhyaz comes to an end, I'm filled with a sense of achievement and gratitude. During my tenure as a digital marketing intern, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the realm of organic marketing strategies, an experience that has left a lasting impact on my professional journey. In this blog, I will walk you through the organic marketing strategies I've delved into, the content calendar I've crafted, and the wealth of knowledge I've gained during my time at Abhyaz.


Content Calendar: My role included contributing to Abhyaz's content calendar, a structured plan that guided the company's content creation efforts. The content calendar provided a month-by-month overview of the content to be produced, including blog posts, social media updates, and email marketing campaigns. Each piece of content was aligned with the company's goals and target audience. I learned that effective content calendars consider the different needs of Abhyaz's diverse target markets: institutions, individual learners (B2C), and enterprises. Each piece of content was tailored to address specific pain points and provide valuable solutions, ensuring that the right message reached the right audience.

Content Planning: In the duration of my internship, I also created a descriptive content plan about the topics on which abhyaz will be posting blogs and posts on different social media platform and different emails they will be sending out, etc. The experience allowed me to have a close look at how things are planned in a professional working environment.

Report on Organic Marketing Strategies: In the course of my internship at Abhyaz, I compiled a comprehensive report on organic marketing strategies. This report underscored the pivotal role of social media engagement, SEO optimization, and video marketing in broadening Abhyaz's reach and effectively reaching new audiences. It provided a strategic framework, offering insights and recommendations to enhance the organization's digital presence and connect with a wider demographic. This report stands as a valuable resource guiding Abhyaz's future marketing endeavors, ensuring the engagement of new and existing audiences in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.


Abhyaz fostered a culture of growth and learning. As an intern, I was encouraged to ask questions, experiment with new strategies, and learn from both successes and failures. The mentorship and guidance I received were instrumental in my growth as a digital marketer.My time at Abhyaz was not just about theoretical knowledge; it was about hands-on, real-world experience. I had the opportunity to work on projects that allowed me to apply what I had learned, from data analytics to content creation.


As I bid farewell to Abhyaz, I do so with a heart full of gratitude and a mind teeming with knowledge. This internship has not only enriched my understanding of digital marketing but has also offered me a glimpse into the dynamic world of organic marketing strategies. I leave with confidence in my abilities and a keen awareness of the industry's nuances.

I am excited about the path ahead, knowing that the lessons and skills I've acquired during my internship at Abhyaz will serve as valuable assets. To Abhyaz and everyone who contributed to this invaluable experience, thank you.