My Journey as a DevOps Engineer Intern atAbhyaz by MTAB Technology Center Pvt. Ltd

02 Feb 2024 06:55 PM By kakarlavenkatasubbareddy


Hi everyone, my name is K. Tirupathi Reddy! I'm excited to share about my recent three-month internship as a DevOps Engineer at Abhyaz, hosted by MTAB Technology Center Pvt. Ltd. From October 21, 2023, to January 21, 2024, I embarked on a thrilling journey, immersing myself in the dynamic world of cloud technology and acquiring valuable skills and experiences.

Experience at Abhyaz

Abhyaz provided me with a unique platform to gain insight into the role of DevOps Engineer Intern. Despite the remoteness of the internship location, the virtual environment that Abhyaz created exceeded my expectations and made me feel completely immersed in my work. Daily access, seamless connections with mentors, and a collaborative environment with dedicated Mentors and Team members make every day rewarding. I am so grateful for the advices I received; This not only pushed me to work harder, but also provided me with valuable guidance and support when I needed it.


  1. Robo shop E-commerce Project Setup Using Ansible, Terraform and Jenkins :
    Using my skills in Shell Scripting, Ansible, Terraform, Prometheus, ELK, and Jenkins, I took on the complex task of automating the entire infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment for the Roboshop e-commerce platform. I meticulously crafted scripts and configurations to ensure a scalable, reliable, and efficient system, laying the groundwork for the platform’s future expansion.

  1. Deploying React Application on AWS EBS using GitHub Actions :
    In this Project we setup the CI/CD pipeline with React on AWS EBS using Docker and GitHub Actions. Here Docker ensures consistent containerization, GitHub manages version control, and GitHub Actions automates CI. AWS EBS automates CD with scalability, while AWS Route 53 efficiently manages domain names.

  2. Zoho Desk: I worked with Zoho Desk, a tool designed to streamline customer service. I helped businesses respond to customer queries quickly and efficiently by integrating Zoho Desk into their existing workflows. I also contributed to the tool’s continuous improvement by regularly adding new features and enhancements. My work with Zoho Desk underscored the value of investing in good customer service for any business.

Work Environment at Abhyaz

The positive and supportive work environment at Abhyaz fostered my professional growth. Though navigating the intricacies of a virtual office initially presented challenges, the invaluable guidance from mentors made it a smooth transition. Their clear direction and unwavering support significantly eased my adjustment to the remote setting. Engaging in collaborative projects with teammates allowed me to hone my creative thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. This supportive work environment proved crucial in shaping my remote internship experience and contributed significantly to my professional development.


Reflecting on my journey at Abhyaz, I am filled with gratitude for the tremendous learning and growth I experienced. The hands-on practice in DevOps Engineering, the engaging projects, and the collaborative work culture equipped me with a robust skillset and enhanced my problem-solving and time management abilities. I leave Abhyaz feeling confident and prepared to apply my new found knowledge to future challenges in the ever-evolving field of DevOps Engineering.

Thank you, Abhyaz, for this incredible journey!