My Internship Journey at Abhyaz

23 Apr 2024 12:00 PM By Amit Kumar Meena

1. Introduction and Selection

Hello everyone, I'm Amit Kumar Meena from the Computer Science Engineering department at NIT Warangal. Today, I am excited to share with you my enriching internship experience at Abhyaz.

I discovered this incredible opportunity through LinkedIn, where Abhyaz was looking for talented interns. After successfully navigating through their hiring process, I was selected to join Abhyaz as a Software Engineer Intern for a one-month knowledge-based internship.

 2. Role and Project Overview

During my time at Abhyaz, I had the privilege of working on a real-world project named as "Campus recruitment System" aimed at enhancing college's placement cells' efficiency in managing student data and recruitment drives during placement season. 

Specifically, I focused on developing and structuring the hiring pipeline for CRS and The objective of this in the CRS is to organize and categorize the stages of the hiring process.  All of this was accomplished using innovative cloud-based software and tools.

3.Office Environment and Team Dynamics

One of the standout aspects of my internship was the supportive and professional office environment that Abhyaz provided using Virtual office. From day one until my exit, I was surrounded by helpful teams and mentors specially Shruti mam , Glory mam, Soumya mam, Harsh sir, Chetan sir and Rashmita mam who were always ready to assist me. 

The mentors were exceptionally polite and patient, addressing both basic and advanced queries with ease. The work culture at Abhyaz was not only awesome but also highly collaborative, fostering an atmosphere of teamwork and mutual learning.

4. Learning and Growth

This internship was my first exposure to the corporate world, and it taught me invaluable lessons on how to effectively collaborate with diverse teams and communicate ideas to top management and mentors. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside such talented individuals.

5. Conclusion and Gratitude to the Abhyaz Team

 I extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire team and Mrs. Sashi Sairaman CEO at Abhyaz for this wonderful platform and for making my internship a truly rewarding experience. Here's to new beginnings and continued learning in the world of software engineering!

Thank you for reading,

Amit Kumar Meena