MY internship journey at Abhyaz

25 Jan 2024 01:23 PM By Biswajeet

Myself Biswajeet Sahoo. I joined this virtual internship at Abhyaz in October 2023. I have done 3 months duration of internship from October to January of this year. I have taken DevOps Engineer Internship.

About The Internship:

I have learned tools like Zoho inventory, GitHub Action, AWS and Docker. I have come across such amazing tools where we can seamlessly do the work effectively.

Docker: Docker is a containerization tool. we can easily deploy and scale up the applications. The major advantage of using Docker is reducing compatibility issues over all systems. The size of the Docker is very small. we can get the images from the Docker Hub or we can create one customized image in Docker Hub.

AWS: AWS is one of the trending cloud providers right now in the market. Using AWS console or AWS CLI we can easily create, deploy the resources as per requirement. There are different types of subscriptions related to AWS like Free-Tier, Student subscription, Pay-as-you-go subscription, etc. There are resources like EC2, S3, Elastic bean stalk, SSM, Code commit, Billing, Dynamo DB, etc.

Project Highlights: 

CI/CD With React On AWS: Here are some projects i worked on one of them is the "CI/CD with react on AWS" project, where i created a CI/CD pipeline on GitHub action for a react application and put that application into AWS Beanstalk. The goal of the project is to establish an automated development process for a React application by integrating VS Code, Docker, React GitHub, GitHub Action and AWS Beanstalk. The aim is to enhance the overall efficiency of delivering React application

3 Tier Architecture On AWS: Here i Created a system architecture, The Primary goal is to create a scalable and a secure system. There are 3 tiers such as Presentation tier (Frontend), Application (backend)and, Database tier and this is using some services such as VPC, subnets, Load-balancer, RDS, Route 53, NAT, EC2 etc...

Zoho Inventory:

After that i worked on some use-cases for zoho inventory to automate the system. where i worked on 2 use-cases one was to automate the Supplier Relationship Management and another was warehouse management.

Supplier Relationship Management: In here i automate how we order products from our suppliers in Zoho Inventory. This helps us communicate better with suppliers and restock our inventory on time.

Warehouse Management: This focuses on optimizing warehouse operations, specifically addressing picking, packing, and shipping processes. The goal is to enhance efficiency and accuracy in managing inventory within the warehouse. 

Skills and Knowledge:

Abhyaz explored me to a number of technologies, including Docker, AWS, GitHub Action, Zoho, and more. The instruction and friendly nature helped me improve my skills.


Providing the virtual-based internship to people has been an amazing thing. By utilizing this, many people have up-skilled their skills and get to know what the actual real-time work will be. Glad that I have gotten this opportunity.