My Internship Experience at Abhyaz

13 Mar 2024 12:44 PM By saikrishna vemunuri


First of all,
Hi there! It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my rewarding internship as a software developer at Abhyaz.

Saikrishna Vemunuri is my name! I'm eager to talk with Abhyaz about my most recent three-month internship at the MTAB Technology Centre. Up until now, I had never worked as a software engineer intern. I set out on an amazing voyage to fully immerse myself in the dynamic world of technology and gain significant experiences and skills between December 11, 2023, and March 11, 2024. 

Experience as an Intern:

At Abhyaz, I worked on numerous projects that truly forced me to refine my software engineering skills. Products like Lumi, Usecases, CNC Train, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho One, Zoho Commerce, and Zoho Workdrive were among those I used. 

Internship Experience:

At Abhyaz, I got the chance to work on a lot of projects that really pushed me to grow as a software developer. Using tools like Lumi, Usecases, Zoho One, Zoho Commerce and Zoho Workdrive, Zoho SalesIQ, CNC Train Scriptless Chat bot, and CRM, I managed different types of data efficiently. These initiatives provided me with several opportunities for growth and learning, and they taught me how to glean insightful information from complex databases.

Projects Works:  

I successfully finished a number of projects as a software engineer intern at Abhyaz, improving the company's operational effectiveness and customer service.

Creating Process and Design Documents: Creating Use Case Tracker Sheets for ZOHO SalesIQ and ZOHO Commerce; Creating Process and Design Documents for SalesIQ and CRM Tool Setup; Configuring User Roles and Permissions; Configuring Lead Modules; and Creating Lead ModulesDashboard.

2. CNC Train chatbot update:

This included organising and displaying data in a visually pleasing way, which helped me become more proficient with jQuery programming and increased my understanding of Abhyaz systems.I have used the Zoho One SalesIQ Tools in the CNC Train chatbot. I have a fantastic opportunity to update the chatbot.

Work Culture:

Abhyaz's virtual work culture showed how effective teamwork can be, even online. We had regular virtual meetings and used collaborative tools, making it feel like we were in a real office. The focus on open communication and supporting each other made the team feel united. Having mentors added a special touch to the work culture. They gave personalized support and insights that helped me grow professionally. The mentorship at Abhyaz made the virtual work experience not just efficient but also focused on learning and development.

Skill Development and Learning :  

During my internship at Abhyaz, my technical software development skills have significantly improved, particularly in areas like developing CNC Train Scriptless Chatbots, creating Use Case Tracker Sheets for ZOHO SalesIQ and ZOHO Commerce, creating Process and Design documentation for SalesIQ Tool Setup and CRM Tool Setup, configuring user roles and permissions, creating Lead Modules Dashboards, and so on. My problem-solving, teamwork, and project management abilities have also increased as a result of practical project experiences and mentoring. The internship has been crucial in shaping me into a more skilled and well-rounded software engineer. 


I've had a satisfying experience working as an intern software developer at Abhyaz. I've become more proficient technically, worked well with the team, and gained a lot of knowledge about the field. I am grateful for all of the support and advice I have received during my time here. I'm eager to use what I've learned in my upcoming endeavours. I am appreciative of the opportunity. Abidaz. 

Special gratitude:  

I want to thank my mentors, Ms. Shruti Gupta, Ms. Saumya Tiwari, and Ms. Glory Violet, as well as Mrs. Sashi Sairaman mam for this amazing opportunity. I am grateful that you were a part of my internship experience at Abhyaz, providing me with essential assistance and learning opportunities during my time working as a software engineer intern. Regards.

saikrishna vemunuri