My internship experience at Abhyaz

11 Jan 2024 04:52 PM By Prantik

I'm Prantik, joined Abhyaz on 27 November 2023 as System Admin Intern. I have served Abhyaz for one month and here I'm going to share my working experience within the team Product Research and Development.


Giving my honest review, my experience at Abhyaz was fine. It was a good experience working in a large team. I like how platforms like Moodle and Zoho has been used here to organize the whole internship. Having to use such technologies was beneficial as it was the first time I was exposed to such platforms. However still there are some areas where improvement is needed. As a new intern here I was really puzzled in the beginning about utilizing the platform, there was so much that it got a little harder for me to keep track of everything. Although it was mentioned in the induction program in the beginning, the Induction program again provided us with so many things that a lot of them went out of my head. It became clear later after giving some time and asking for help from colleagues.

For working with the task things were better here. It was organized and the presentation session was beneficial. There was a mentor available every time to listen to our queries. Other mentors where helpful too. They always looked after fellow interns.


I have no complaints with the work environment. Everyone here was open and during the whole period I worked here I haven't seen anyone being toxic or even rude. Mentors were well managing everything from induction session to regular sessions. They even listen to our queries personally. Everyone was supportive with their roles and pushing others to get more experience. And using different platforms is a plus point.


This internship exposed to lots of tools such as Moodle, Zoho and Lumi, each with their own use case. Using Lumi for H5P was a new thing for me, and with using it during this internship helped me to understand its advantages. In my role I worked with administrating the Abhyaz Moodle instance. Having to learn how elements can be edited and how the site can be managed was exciting. I also discovered about Zoho, it's whole ecosystem, and find it to be beneficial for any organization.


In summary, my experience with Abhyaz went well. I have not experienced any issue. Everyone was nice and supportive. I would recommend this to especially those who are beginners and need some entry point. I am grateful that I had been a part of Abhyaz and I would like to thank to all the mentors who where there to guide us in this whole journey.