My Internship Experience at Abhayz

16 Mar 2024 02:48 PM By Sonal Gahiwal


My name is Sonal Gahiwal.  I just completed three months of internship from December 2023 to March 2024. I have taken cloud and Dev-ops Engineer Internship at Abhyaz from MTAB Technology Centre. This experience allowed me to busy myself in cloud technology and gain valuable hands-on experience. Throughout the internship, I had the opportunity to work on live projects and documentation. I am grateful for the opportunities it provided and the skills I have obtain.

Internship Experience

During my internship at Abhyaz, I served as a Cloud and DevOps Intern, where I was responsible for Documentation (like process document, design document, and use case diagram) and Implementation. Also I learned to use tools like GitHub, Canva, Lumi, Zoho Pagesense and Zoho CRM.


One of the most important projects I worked on during my internship was “Bench Project for Pet Food MFG”. This project challenged me to work in specific fields of Pet Food and allowed me to implement different use cases in ZOHO CRM. Additionally, I had the opportunity to collaborate with other colleagues and teams like Product and Project Management and Product Sales and Marketing to achieve our goals. In addition to my main responsibilities, I also had the chance to work with other than my fields. Overall, my internship experience at Abyaz was enriching and provided me with a deeper understanding of Cloud Technology and IT Industry.

Sonal Gahiwal