My internship experience as a Graphic Designer at Abhyaz

03 Nov 2023 06:08 PM By Himani Yadav


Hello everyone! I am Himani Yadav and I worked as a graphic designing intern at Abhyaz. This internship was a great and fulfilling experience in itself.  It was a 2-month internship for graphic designing and I worked in the content development department. 

Internship experience

This internship allowed me to refine my skills as a graphic designer. There were collaborative reviews and discussions on the projects for a better understanding of it and to enhance the outcome of the project. The work environment was very interactive and collaborative. While guidance and feedback were readily available, there was ample room for creative freedom. This freedom allowed me to explore my designing style and idea, pushing me to think outside the box and develop creative projects. I got to work on several projects while being in the internship. I had hands-on experience with video making, brochure making, etc.

Project 1 :  Zoho Implementation Video

Here I got a chance to make a video for the Zoho implementation of tools and services wherein I used various creative elements and content to make the video convincing and eye-catching.

Project 2 : Zoho implementation video (finance) 

This was again a Zoho implementation video for finance where I got to use various new ways and methods of putting together all the necessary elements for the showcasing of the video. I used various elements and creatives to make the video more interactive and engaging.

Project 3: PPT making

Yet again this was another amazing project where I got to use atool from Zoho, called Zohoshow which is used for making PPTs. I made PPT for one of the ongoing projects I,e enterprise transformation. There was diverse use of creatives, content, etc. throughout. This helped me immensely in my PowerPoint-making skills.

Project 3: Brochure making

Here I got to make a brochure for the company’s enterprise transformation project. Filled with Plenty of different elements, creatives, images, it challenged me to get better with graphics. There was a consistent style throughout giving it a professional tone.


1). Constant learning: With changing projects and timely reviews I got to constantly learn throughout and go on making changes as per necessity therefore improving my designing skills.

2). Use of new tools: At abhayz, I got to work on new tools such as Zoho social (for the posting of posts) and Zohoshow for making the ppt for ENTERPRISE TRANSFORMATION.


My graphic design internship at ABHYAZ has been a wonderful journey filled with a lot of new learnings. With all the projects I gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the work that I was doing and how it could have been more better.

I am excited to carry this experience with me and hope to use it in future in the world of design.

Himani Yadav