My Impactful Internship Experience at Abhyaz

27 Feb 2024 12:45 PM By rijughosh2501


Hi! I'm excited to share my journey as a Data Analyst Intern at Abhyaz. I'm Riju Ghosh, and I've always been passionate about data analytics. At Abhyaz, I had the opportunity to work on different projects that helped me learn and grow. It was an enriching experience that broadened my skills and gave me a better understanding of how data can drive decisions.

Internship Experience

During my time at Abhyaz, I got to work on many projects that really pushed me to improve my skills in data analysis. I used tools like Python Programming, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Workdrive, which helped me handle different types of data effectively. These projects were a great opportunity for me to learn and grow, and they taught me how to draw meaningful conclusions from complex datasets. 

Projects Worked On

1. Updating CRM dashboards: This involved organizing and presenting data in a visually appealing manner, which not only improved my understanding of CRM systems but also enhanced my data visualization skills.

2. Account and Contact mapping for CRM: This project required me to analyze customer data and map it accurately within the CRM system. It was a challenging yet insightful task that taught me the importance of data accuracy and attention to detail.

3. Creating Products Dashboard: Within Zoho CRM, I Created the Products Dashboard, tailoring it to meet specific business requirements. This involved refining data presentation and incorporating custom features for improved analysis.

4. Lead data collection: I was responsible for gathering information about potential leads, which involved research and data entry. This project helped me understand the importance of data collection processes in identifying potential business opportunities.

5. Cleaning and Updating MTAB product data: This involved reviewing and correcting product information to ensure accuracy and consistency. It was a meticulous task that taught me the significance of data integrity and quality control.

6. Data Cleaning and TPO List Collection: Data cleaning enhanced accuracy and efficiency in handling data. TPO List Collection improved research and data gathering abilities, fostering meticulousness and attention to detail.

Skill Development and Learning

My internship at Abhyaz was a great learning experience. It improved my technical skills and also helped me develop soft skills like adaptability, problem-solving, and communication. Working on real projects with industry-standard tools expanded my analytical abilities, preparing me for the challenges in data analytics. 


my love for data analytics. The practical projects, guidance, and use of advanced tools helped me analyse complex data and find valuable insights. I am deeply thankful to Abhyaz for their support and opportunities, which have made me a better data analyst as I start my career in this exciting field .

Special gratitude

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mrs.Sashi Sairaman for this incredible opportunity, and to my mentors Mr. Chetan Huilgol and Ms. Keethy Thankan.

Thank you for being a part of my internship journey at Abhyaz. Let's continue to stay curious, explore relentlessly, and harness the potential of data.