MY Experience with Digital Marketing at Abhyaz

25 Jan 2024 01:32 PM By Najuma

Hi Everyone

I am Najuma T, and I am excited to share my enlighting experience working in the digital marketing department at Abhyaz. It felt like stepping into an extremely new world of possibilities and information. Abhyaz, a member of MTAB Technology, provided a supportive environment that nourished my learning experience and made it professional.

My Diverse Responsibilities

I had a varied and fascinating role at Abhyaz. I was able to work on a number of projects, i worked on both CNCTrain and Abhyaz projects, in which i had various tasks such as developing emails, proposals, and marketing strategies . These special creations explained how Abhyaz and CNCtrain could help others by offering practical solutions.

My Set of Tools

Let's talk about the tools that became my trustworthy partners:

zoho writer: This instrument functioned as my writing partner. It made the process of creating email templates and proposals in attractive manners

zoho sheet: I found that using the organisational tool Zoho Sheet helped me to recall crucial information about our campaigns. The results of the campaigns were recorded in zoho sheets

Zoho campaign: Our audience outreach and emailing were greatly aided by the Zoho Campaign. It includes simple 5 steps to send a campaign succesfully

Canva :With Canva as my creative partner, I was able to produce visually striking content that added a distinctive element to our marketing campaigns. 

Collaboration in Learning and Mentoring 

Everything changed after being mentored by Trapti Singh. Trapti provided helpful guidance and support, which simplified the learning process. she encouraged me in every stage to gain more outcomes. Her proper training created a friendly learning ambiance .I express my heartfelt gratitude for her mentorship

My deepest gratitude to Abhyaz for providing such a wonderful learning atmosphere. Cheers to grabbing even more exciting opportunities and challenges down the road!