05 Feb 2024 01:55 PM By ARAFATH BEEVI



Embarking on a transformative three months internship in the Cloud and DevOps domain at Abhyaz, by MTAB Technology Center Pvt. Ltd. Even though my internship was remote, Abhyaz made it feel like we were all in the same office. The virtual setup was way cooler than I expected, and it made my work feel meaningful and connected. Having daily access and smooth connections with mentors and the awesome team made every day super rewarding.

In this concise blog, I'll walk you through the tasks that shaped my learning experience and contributed to my growth.

Task 1: GitHub Actions and Docker Orchestration

Commencing with Continuous Integration (CI), I orchestrated a GitHub Actions pipeline leveraging Maven for streamlined build automation, Docker for containerization, and Docker Hub as a hosted repository. This integrated workflow ensures that with each push to the repository's branch, the Maven build compiles Java code, Docker constructs an image, and the pipeline pushes this image to Docker Hub. The resulting transparency, observed through Docker Hub, serves as a testament to the efficiency of the automated deployment process.

Task 2: CI/CD Implementation with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

In the realm of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), the development of a React application marked a pivotal phase. Utilizing Docker for containerization, I established an AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment, creating an optimal habitat for the application. A GitHub Actions workflow was meticulously designed to automate the deployment process, ensuring that changes pushed to the "main" branch triggered the CI/CD pipeline. Verification of the Elastic Beanstalk environment's URL validated the successful accessibility of the React application, solidifying the implementation of an efficient CI/CD pipeline.

Task 3: Zoho Projects Documentation Endeavor

Transitioning to project management, I engaged with Zoho Projects, contributing to the creation of documentation for two crucial use cases: Budget Planning and Tracking, and Workload Distribution with Resource Utilization. This undertaking aimed to provide comprehensive guidance for project teams, enhancing organizational efficiency and workflow management.

Task 4: Coursera Partnership Initiation

Participating in the initiation of a partnership between our team and SkillOn through Coursera added a strategic dimension to the internship. This collaboration signifies a commitment to fostering educational initiatives, extending learning opportunities, and contributing to the broader landscape of skill development.

Task 5: Zoho Recruit - Structuring Organizations and Tool Setup

In this task, I got to explore Zoho Recruit, a tool that helps us manage our team and hiring processes, contributing to two key tasks: Organizational Structure and Recruit Tool Setup. For the Organizational Structure, I worked on creating a kind of team map, figuring out who leads the team, who's part of it, and how everyone fits together. The second part, Recruit Tool Setup, was about getting our tools ready for action.


As I conclude this internship, I reflect on the multifaceted tasks undertaken and the skills honed. Each assignment has contributed to a nuanced understanding of Cloud and DevOps practices, equipping me with a refined skill set and strategic mindset for future professional endeavours.

I want to express my gratitude to the Abhyaz team and A big thank you to my mentors and colleagues for this incredible internship experience. This chapter may be concluding, but the knowledge gained is a stepping stone towards continued excellence in the dynamic field of Cloud and DevOps.