Journey at Abhyaz: My Internship Experience

04 Jul 2024 02:29 PM By Riyaz

My Internship at Abhyaz

As a software engineering intern at Abhyaz, my experiences over the last two months have been nothing short of interesting and enlightening. From the time I walked into the bustling environment, I was met with challenges that put my talents to the test as well as chances for personal and professional growth. 

Projects I worked on

During my time at Abhyaz, I had the opportunity to learn about Zoho Desk and Zoho Recruit, two essential technologies for modern customer relationship management. My key tasks included documentation and implementation, where I methodically created process manuals, design documents, and flowcharts to streamline the use of Zoho SalesIQ.


In the sphere of Zoho Desk, I performed a large initiative aimed at improving the Grievance Redressal System. This included not only documenting numerous processes, but also delving into the complexities of the ticket module, creating a help center, and enabling ticket configurations.

Skill Development and Learning

Throughout the internship, I saw a significant improvement in my skill set and knowledge base. Working on documentation helped me improve my ability to explain difficult ideas succinctly and effectively. Exploring the implementation element pushed me to think critically and creatively, resulting in new solutions to real-world situations.

Furthermore, my immersion in customer relationship management software taught me the complexities of user experience design, project management, and client engagement. These excellent lessons have provided me with a more comprehensive understanding of software development than just coding


Reflecting on my internship at Abhyaz, I am grateful for the numerous possibilities provided to me. The challenges I faced and overcame not only increased my confidence, but also reaffirmed my passion for software engineering.

As I say goodbye to this chapter of my journey, I take with me a wealth of experiences and lessons that will certainly affect my future undertakings. I am deeply grateful to the entire Abhyaz team for their continuous support, direction, and encouragement throughout this remarkable journey.

Special Gratitude

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to CEO Sashi Sairaman ma'am for her visionary leadership and persistent support. I am grateful to my mentors, Glory Violet ma'am, Saumya ma'am and Ramya Deepak ma'am, whose mentoring spurred me to success. I am also grateful to my teammates, Teja, Abinaya, Ajay and Nidhi, for their camaraderie and collaboration, which made every day at Abhyaz a delightful adventure.

Thank you