Invaluable Internship Experience:

31 Jan 2024 02:55 PM By deepthisharma520

I am Deepthi Satyasai, an Hr recruitment specialist intern at Abhyaz. I am happy to share my experience upon successful  completion of my 3 month of internship here, and Working with Abhyaz platform is a invaluable opportunity to enhance my skills and my professional growth. 
This internship allows me to gain hands-on experience in the overall recruitment process. To utilizing the zoho application to streamline the entire recruitment process is highly effective and provides a comprehensive space to learn and manage all aspects in a significant way. 
 As a recruiter, I was actively involved in every step of the recruitment process from job postings, screening candidates and evaluating their applications, and up to offer letter generation.

My first opportunity:

And in my very first month i had an opportunity to lead one full time recruitment for account manager. This experience led me to connect with various applicants and an opportunity to guide them in the evaluation process, and conducting interviews. I am genuinely grateful for this early exposure and responsibility. I am very thankful to my mentor Rashmitha mam, who guided me thoroughly in this recruitment process and I learnt a lot from her. 
The virtual office environment allows you to connect with your colleagues, engage in discussions, and helps you to seek valuable feedback. Throughout the internship I was involved in various tasks like sending campaigns, clearing desk tickets and interaction with various applicants through cold calling and resolving their issues, which enhances my professional development and improves my confidence to take up any challenges in future.

Grateful for the chance:

In conclusion, my internship experience at Abhyaz has been a transformative experience offers me to understand the challenges in the recruitment process and exposure to a collaborative virtual workspace . I am sincerely grateful for the knowledge gained, opportunities provided and for the supportive environment. I would like to express my heart felt gratitude to my mentor Rashmitha mam and every member of my team for the support, the collective encouragement and the guidance I received. I am very thankful for my journey at Abhyaz.