How Abhyaz changed my skills?

19 Oct 2023 02:12 PM By nayanaththara


Embarking on my internship at Abhyaz as a content writer was a thrilling experience while I'm at my 3rd year at university. This opportunity not only introduced me to the world of commercial blogging but also exposed me to Zoho tools, a technology I hadn't previously encountered. 

Throughout my internship, I worked diligently on my writing skills under the guidance of a supportive mentor. This blog aims to share my enriching experiences at Abhyaz, where I discovered the art of writing commercial blogs and became proficient in using Zoho Writer and Sites.

 Role as a content writer 

Even I have written several blogs and articles this was my first experience creating commercial blogs. So, the experience was totally new.

At the Abhyaz ,they are doing the enterprise transformation for many companies. So, I was able to support the by creating, drafting the blogs for their official site. I quickly realized that commercial blogs are a different beast altogether. They are not just informative; they are also persuasive, designed to capture the reader's attention and drive engagement. I learned that crafting compelling content for businesses requires a delicate balance between providing value and promoting their products or services.

The new software- Zoho  tools

One of the most exciting aspects of my internship at Abhyaz was the introduction to Zoho. Having never used them before, I was initially apprehensive. 

However, with the guidance of my mentor, I gradually became proficient in using Zoho Writer and Zoho Sites. Zoho Writer, a powerful document editing tool, allowed me to create and edit content seamlessly, while Zoho Sites enabled me to design and manage websites efficiently.

Mentorship I got 

A key factor that contributed to my growth during the internship was the mentorship I received at Abhyaz. My mentors not only provided valuable insights into the art of writing commercial blogs but also patiently guided me through the intricacies of the Zoho tools. I was encouraged to ask questions, seek feedback, and experiment with different writing styles, all of which significantly improved my skills.

 Skills I got

As I delved into the world of commercial blogging and became more proficient with Zoho tools, I noticed a significant improvement in my analyzing and writing skills. I learned how to research and analyze target audiences, competitors, and market trends, which proved invaluable when creating content that resonated with readers and fulfilled the client's objectives.

 How to Write a Blog for Beginners 

Creating a good blog is like cooking - you need the right ingredients and a good recipe. Here's a beginner's recipe for a successful blog.

  1. Understand Your Audience: Begin by researching your target readers and creating audience personas. Tailor your content to their needs and interests.

  1. Choose interesting Topics: Select relevant and attention-grabbing topics, ideally addressing trending issues or offering unique insights.

  2. Use Simple Words: Imagine a friend of yours, who is new to the topic. Explain things like you would to a beginner. Don't use big, complicated words.

  3. Start with a Good Title: Your blog's title is like the cover of a book. Make it catchy and promise something cool and inspiring inside.

  4. Begin with a Hook: Start your blog with a question, a surprising fact, or a story. Grab your reader's attention right away.

  5. Organize Your Ideas: Imagine your blog is a sandwich. Use headings, lists, and pictures to make it easy to digest. Your friend should know what's in the sandwich at a glance.

  6. Add Some Pictures: Just like you like to see pictures in a book, your readers likes to see them in your blog. Visuals makes it more interesting.


My internship at Abhyaz was a transformative journey. It not only introduced me to the world of commercial blogging but also equipped me with essential skills in using Zoho tools. 

The guidance and mentorship I received throughout my internship were instrumental in my growth as a content writer. I emerged from this experience with improved analyzing and writing skills, ready to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving world of content marketing. Abhyaz has not only been a stepping stone in my career but also a place where I discovered the power of mentorship and adaptability.