From Account management to Project management:  An Inspiration to take the leap

09 Jan 2024 07:34 PM By reachshubham007

It all started with a career switch

In July 2023, I took a break and started thinking of taking a big move into my career. Giving a thorough look over the last decade of my career, I realized that the majority of my skills & knowledge were already aligning with the traits of a Project Manager, an ascension nowadays. Having worked majorly on client relationship building, business acumen, team coordination and customer service delivery, I inferred that Project management was the string connecting these dots.


After lots of delving and exploration, I decided to do the hard yards. In August 2023, I completed my Scrum Master certification to get myself acquainted with agile lifecycle & methodologies, and parallelly completed Project Management Foundation courses from LinkedIn.


In September 2023, I got an internship opportunity with Abhyaz, a division of MTAB Technology Centre. Through their talent management platform, they provide a path to career development with their remote Internships & Returnships.

My Internship experience

In this era of remotely working from home, they have implemented a unique process of 'Virtual Office' which gives a real-time office environment experience allowing teams to collaborate & work together while sitting at home.


Internship program at Abhyaz is one of it's kind. With a unique onboarding process, you're candidature is evaluated based on a personal portfolio. If your portfolio matches their expectations, then only you're offered the opportunity for the internship program. The selected interns are then oriented and inducted before being deployed to their respective projects & assignments.

Project Exposure

As a project management executive, I got a chance to track & manage projects which were aimed at Digital transformation of workforce through skill delivery and talent management. With an existing kitty of skill-sets from my previous experience, I was able to gain hands-on experience with some key tools successfully.

  • Zoho Projects - Planned and managed the project board by creating projects, milestones, task-lists for project planning. Tracking the resource utilization through charts & reports.

  • Zoho Writer - Prepared & maintained a collection of project documentation, that consisted of Design document, Process document, Use case definition, Use case diagrams.
  • Zoho Show - Prepared presentations using professional templates for daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly project reporting which was later made as an official process for Project reporting throughout the organization.
  • Zoho Meet - Conducted seamless & hassle-free video meetings & webinars for project reporting and communication purposes.
  • Canva - Designed and developed brochures, whitepapers, website design illustrations by using Canva as marketing assets.

  • GitHub - With the help of Github I was able to report & showcase the sprint-wise tasks progress, issues/bugs tracking, Sprint backlogs associated with the sprint planning & goals. It has proved to be an invaluable asset.

View of Perception

I consider myself as a professional who works with a coalesce of building inter-personal relations, team cohesiveness & co-working, continuous improvement. With my customer-centric mindset, one can see me as someone who is well-versed in engaging into relationship & trust building when it comes to customer needs, service & satisfaction, parallelly curating project plans and schedules, managing the scope of work, cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and resources. With effective communication, leadership, and conflict resolution abilities, I am profound at enabling successful project outcomes.

A Shiny Scope

As I bid adieu to my internship, I leave with a spectrum of knowledge and skills that will foster my commitment to roll deep down in the landscape of project management.


A special thanks to Chetan, Krishnakumar sir, Keerthy and peers of other departments who have helped answer any questions I’ve had about the projects, and has provided me with lots of support. Together, this has helped fuel my growth as an intern and made me feel encouraged towards a successful career transition.