Exploring Software Development: My Internship Journey at Abhyaz

12 Mar 2024 12:31 PM By saripalli chanikya


Hello everyone !  I'm Saripalli Chanikya, a Software Engineer Intern at Abhyaz from November 11th, 2023 to March 11th, 2024. This internship was my first professional opportunity after completing my BTech. I'm grateful to Abhyaz for providing me with invaluable experience before entering the industry. I'm excited to share my journey and insights gained during my time at Abhyaz in this blog.

Work Experience

I was immersed in numerous aspects of software development during my internship at Abhyaz, taking on difficulties and picking up new abilities every day. I got skilled with Zoho Sites, Zoho Desk, and Zoho Marketing Automation through hands-on experience, learning how to use their features to optimize workflows and boost productivity. I also took part in team discussions and meetings, offering suggestions as well as guidance to further initiatives. All things considered, my internship at Abhyaz gave me a strong foundation in software development and priceless practical experience that would be very helpful to me in my future professional aspirations.



In the Zoho Ecosystem: I started my journey by being fully immersed in the Zoho ecosystem, which is a collection of packed with features software programs meant to simplify corporate processes. My initial play area was the robust website builder Zoho Sites. I explored its features and gained knowledge on how to create aesthetically pleasing and intuitive websites for customers. With a lot of customization possibilities and a drag-and-drop interface, I was able to construct dynamic online experiences that were suited to certain requirements.

I then experimented with Zoho Desk, a cloud-based help desk program that transforms customer service. I learned how to handle tickets, creation of Helpcenter’s , Setting-Up federation Login for the helpcenter’s, and streamline support processes firsthand here. Working together with the team, I helped to improve the effectiveness of support operations so that clients could receive timely, individualized assistance.

Understanding Zoho Marketing Automation: Learning about this powerful platform for lead nurturing and marketing task automation was one of the highlights of my internship. Its ability to plan focused campaigns, examine consumer behavior, and increase engagement through a variety of media captivated me. I gained knowledge on how to use automation to optimize marketing tactics and produce measurable outcomes for clients, from creating email Journey’s to putting lead scoring systems in place.



I have gained a lot of knowledge about software development inside the Zoho ecosystem via my internship at Abhyaz. Every assignment has increased my skill set, from learning how to use Zoho Desk and Marketing Automation to researching Zoho Sites. I show my gratitude to all that the Abhyaz team who had help me along the way and to set me up for success in my future software development ventures. A special thanks to Saumya Tiwari and Shruti Gupta, my mentors, for their valuable help during my internship. Their knowledge and support have been valuable to my development as a software engineer Intern.

saripalli chanikya