Engineering Portfolio

25 Nov 2022 05:55 PM By Arnab

What is Engineering Portfolio?

A portfolio helps you to demonstrate your abilities. An engineering portfolio is a summary of your technical skills and works which you have already completed in past. University projects, mini projects, tasks, achievements and all types of activities can be described here. All engineers should have their portfolio.

Why do it?

Engineering portfolio is a record of your past works and skills. To read your portfolio people will judge you that you are capable or not capable of doing a relevant job.  Your analytical mindset, precision, creativity and many other characteristics can be judged. Generally an engineer creates his portfolio either to get a job or to get an order/ a project from customer in his own business. For example , in case of job hiring for embedded engineer post recruiter looks into what type of project you have done on embedded system, which type of software you used, how muchyour analytical mindset ,creativity you have used to complete this project, how many days you have experience in embedded system etc.

So a good portfolio of engineering work is easy to understand about you.

How to build a solid engineering portfolio :

We all want to make a portfolio which stands out from others. So you have to write all your strong skills in that portfolio. Follow some steps when you create your portfolio :

·  First put your name on right top side of your portfolio.

·  Now put your passport size photo on left top side of your portfolio.

·  Then write your address and contact details. Because when people like your portfolio, through that email id or phone number they will contact with you.

Now you write about yourself. Write about your characteristics, goals. What type of work do you like, In which position you want to see yourself in upcoming years. If you don’t want to give any personal information, don’t give it. But make sure that you write something about you which defines you appropriately.

·  After that you can add your school name, college or university name, Board exams, college exams, result of exams. Also you mention your all degree and certificates .

·  Then you write about your skills and abilities. People will give you job on the basis of your skills and write about your skills briefly and also include how many years of experience you have with that skills. If you have both technical and non-technical skills, write it separately.

·  Now disclose main weapon of your portfolio. Write about your projects. Demonstrate about which type of work you  had done in your career ,what was the working process ,what was the results, what type of products or software you had used etc.

·  If you have awards or achievements, then write about it.

·  Either you are fresher or you have long or short career you have gained some experience, ideas in your life. You have opinions also. Now write about that to give boost in your portfolio.

·  You can also add your cv here.

·  You are an engineer. so it is obvious that you have Linkedin or Github accounts and you update it regularly .You can link your Linkedin, Github account  to your portfolio . From that sites people will know much more details about your work.

Where do you build your engineering portfolio? 

You have vegetables, water, ingredients, heat to cook food but you don’t have any pan or container. Then how do you cook the food? Similarly to build your portfolio you need a container. That’s why you can create  your portfolio in PowerPoint presentation to elaborate. Then you can export it as a pdf. Otherwise you can use Wix, Weebly or Wordpress to create a website.

How often do you update your portfolio?

Every job position has different criteria. When you are applying for a position you can emphasize that aspects in your portfolio. That’s why try to update your portfolio when you are applying for a new job position. And also you have to update your portfolio after completion of a project because in that time the project will be fresh on your mind. So it is easy to recall.


Building portfolio is a creative work. So make it an impressive one .If you follow the following steps, you will able to build a solid impressive portfolio. It will help you to get a job in MNCs or to select in higher study also.