Effective Zoho CRM User Training Empowering Your Team

20 Oct 2023 12:44 PM By Gayathri

Introducing my journey: 

Customer support from novice to experienced with the Abhyaz Internship.

Starting the Abhyaz internship, I found myself in customer support and service, an area I knew very little about. It was a blessing that led me to this rich experience where I devoted myself to learning and gained a wealth of knowledge.


One of the first problems I encountered was using Zoho Desk, a tool I was unfamiliar with. However, within three months, I turned from a novice user to an experienced user. This change affected me not only in terms of technical level; it was a holistic learning experience that broadened my horizons.

It was a successful course, during this internship, I covered all aspects of customer support. I learned the ins and outs of sending messages to customers via email, which is an important skill in the business world. Understanding the intricacies of asking questions allowed me to better understand the techniques required for problem-solving.

I understand the importance of work organization, how it works, and enables the team to work effectively. Additionally, mastering the art of creating sales orders made me understand the importance of customer relationships and business growth. What makes this journey extraordinary is Abhyaz's support. Teachers and peers provide guidance and create an environment where learning is not only encouraged but celebrated.

 Every challenge became an opportunity and every question led to deeper discovery. As I reflect on this three-month transition, I am grateful for the valuable advice and information. The Abhyaz internship not only gave me skills but also increased my self-confidence. I am now ready to face the professional world with my new knowledge and passion for customer service.


 My internship at Abhyaz was not a one-off; It was this revolutionary experience that gave me an understanding of customer support.  I am ready to make a positive impact on customer service with my new skills and experience at Zoho Desk. This journey has given me a solid foundation for my future work and I want to use these skills for my future work.