Digital Marketing Internship - Abhyaz experience

22 Nov 2022 05:28 PM By Milena

Hello everyone !

My name is Milena and I’m from Belgium. I did a one-month Digital Marketing internship with Abhyaz. And in this article, I will describe to you my experience.

Let’s start with my tasks!

During this traineeship, I got the opportunity to produce blog articles, to work on website keywords, to take part in a video production and to work on marketing tools implementation. How was it beneficial for my skills? There are several points to mention!

Articles writing

First of all, creating blogs allowed me to improve the readability of my content. Now, I feel that my writing style is much more engaging and to the point. Furthermore, it inspired me to create connections between what I produced and other online content of Abhyaz. For instance, it was quite interesting to optimise the readers' experience, while letting them jump directly from one article to a specific web page with offers, and so on. 


Then, with the SEO part, I worked with the Zoho website builder. The idea was to introduce concrete keywords and descriptions in the “background” of each page, to optimise its positioning. This mission was also constructive because I understood some practical tips (ex: minimum number of keywords to write, what to include in the descriptions), how to adapt keywords to the market (ex: competition, audience) and how to match it with the content that is already included on the website.

Video production

As mentioned previously, I got the pleasure to operate with a video too. My role was to transform information into an engaging script, and then to make the voice-off. This task was special, as I shared the voice with another intern. At this point, I learned more about how to remotely connect two speakers in the same presentation.

Tools connection

Finally, the tools connection let me discover especially Google products. The objective was to find some solutions to implement it, and then to improve the data collection about visitors’ behaviour, used keywords, etc. Indeed, it did not only let me understand how to apply it step by step, but also gave me the courage to discover more about marketing technologies. At first glance, it can look scary because there are so many programs and technical aspects. But now, I am more confident with it. 

Now, after reading all of it, you can certainly conclude that Abhyaz pushes trainees to develop solutions by themselves. On the other hand, it was additionally enriching for me, because as a person from another culture, I enjoyed adapting to this new working environment. 

So, that’s all I wanted to share about my traineeship.

Thank you for reading, and all the best for your professional career.

PS: If you have any questions about Abhyaz internships, feel free to contact them. The team is really responsive and will assist you with pleasure!