Devops Engineer Internship Experience at Abhyaz

05 Feb 2024 05:29 PM By tohidhanfi20


Tohid Hanfi This side. I joined this internship at Abhyaz as an Devops Engineer in November 2023. I have done 3 months duration of internship from November to January of this year.

About The Internship:

The overall Internship gave me a great experience and learned many things like collaboration from the mentor's and they were so nice and always helped when faced any problems regarding outcomes.Also learned Devops tools like Jenkins Github Actions, Docker Kubernetes, AWS Etc. and also learned zoho tools like Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Recruit.

  • I have come across such amazing tools where we can seamlessly do the work effectively.

  • I used Docker because it is a containerization tool. we can easily deploy and scale up the applications.

  • Also used AWS is one of the trending cloud providers right now in the market. Using AWS console or AWS CLI we can easily create, deploy the resources as per requirement.

  • I used Kubernetes tool that automates container deployment, container scaling, descaling, and container load balancing (also called a container orchestration tool).

I used Jenkins tool that is used for automation, that allows all the developers to build, test and deploy software.By using Jenkins we can make a continuous integration of projects(jobs) or end-to-endpoint automation.

Projects that I worked

Task 1 : MERN Web app Deployed on the Kubernete's Cluster

  • A MERN web app deployed on the Kubernetes cluster is a web application that uses the MERN stack, which consists of MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js, to build the front-end and back-end components, and uses Kubernetes, a container orchestration platform, to manage the deployment, scaling, and availability of the application across multiple nodes.


Task 2 : CI/CD pipeline for React app on AWS

A CI/CD pipeline for a React app on AWS is a set of automated processes that enable developers to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably to the AWS cloud platform. A CI/CD pipeline for a React app on AWS


Providing the virtual-based internship to people has been an amazing thing. By utilising this many people have up-skilled their skills and get to know what the actual real-time work will be. I'm Glad that I have got this opportunity. And I highly recommend any fresher or any job seeker to go through this internship as it contains n number of domains and for each domain there is a speciallized person present over here. 


Tohid Hanfi

(DevOps Engineer)