“Unlocking the Power of Data: My Returnship Experience as a Data Analyst intern at Abhyaz”

08 Aug 2022 07:39 PM By Rupali


Good day, everyone! My name is Rupali Hirdekar, and I recently finished a three-month returnship as a Data Analyst intern at Abhyaz. In this blog, I'll be sharing my experiences, addressing the skills and knowledge I gained throughout this internship, the opportunities and accomplishments I received, and commenting on the challenges and lessons I learned along the way. I hope my experience might inspire and assist people considering or currently pursuing internships.

About Abhyaz & Team

Abhyaz is an excellent platform for gaining real-world experience through internships. These effectively offer virtual internships, eventually it seems as though you're in a real office. There is one platform called Big Blue Button. Where we have to log in every day, this application enables us to collaborate with mentors and teammates. It additionally permits us to demonstrate our screen and present our work so that we can receive feedback. Working being an intern with Abhyaz was an incredible opportunity. It also enables you to learn new skills, collaborate with team members, and improve your interpersonal and presentation abilities. The atmosphere of work there is so outstanding that I feel encouraged, valued, and inspired by my mentors and everyone on my team.

Hands-On Experience

As a Data Science intern, I worked on the full Data Analytics pipeline, which included data collecting, data cleaning, data visualisation and storytelling, creating slideshows for stakeholders to view, and working on a wide range of projects. As a result, this means that I am finally able to work with real-world data (which is extremely complicated and huge in scope), which brings new problems and at times puts my analytical and problem-solving skills to the test. Working with such data enhances my confidence in my existing talents while also teaching me some additional skills.

Professional Development

Throughout this returnship, I learned a lot with regard to interpersonal abilities, presenting skills, as well as how to communicate with individuals as well as express my thoughts. In terms of modern technology, I have been subjected to Zoho Suite. I had never worked with Zoho prior to this internship, but with the support of my team and some own research, I was able to master it quickly. The vast majority of my work was finished in Zoho Analytics, Work Drive, and Workspaces. Alongside technical knowledge, an organisation offered the opportunity to attend multiple webinars and Professional talks, which have enabled me to keep improving my expertise.


In terms of accomplishments, among all the interns, the company offered me an opportunity to showcase as well as demonstrate the dashboard that I generated to the reseller. Aside from that, I received the award for Rock Star Intern of the month for April Month (https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7063876411702325248/commentUrn=urn%3Ali%3Acomment%3A(activity%3A7063876411702325248%2C7064628122188472322)&dashCommentUrn=urn%3Ali%3Afsd_comment%3A(7064628122188472322%2Curn%3Ali%3Aactivity%3A7063876411702325248) which is my proudest achievement.


I'd like to acknowledge Abhyaz for giving me a platform to show off and polish my skills. I am appreciative of all of the assistance mentors and the Abhyaz team have provided me; it has been excellent and I am extremely grateful. Abhyaz provides career advancement possibilities such as training programmes, workshops, mentorship, internships, and returnships. Such experiences can help interns improve their abilities as well as their expertise alongside helping them develop in their respective fields. Overall, my internship along with Abhyaz was a great opportunity for learning.  This internship supported me get industrial employment experience, and the abilities as well as the knowledge that I gained from Abhyaz will be beneficial to me in the future.