Conceptualizing the Abhyaz

08 Aug 2022 07:39 PM Comment(s) By Swathi

How did the Concept of Abhyaz Evolve?

Abhyaz is an E-learning platform. In this new era with various technologies, learning has evolved into E-learning. E-Learning is the use of digital technologies to educate people without any geographic barriers. E-Learning has evolved in various ways in the education, business, and training sectors. Abhyaz e-learning platform is used to provide remote hands on training for Advanced manufacturing technologies like CNC, Robotics etc. 

History of Abhyaz

        To know the history of any company we should know its origin, In 2011, MTAB Technology center PVT Ltd (MTC) spun off from MTAB Engineers pvt Ltd, to focus entirely on Skill Development and Training. So, what is MTAB Engineers ? It is an OEM supplier of CNC, Robotics, Automation, and Industry 4.0 machines.

        MTC has its presence in skill development sectors like Industrial training centers, ITI, Polytechnics, Engineering Institutions, and Universities in around 30+ countries. We were providing a lot of e-learning content, delivered to the clients LMS. As we were providing engineering training and solutions, we realized that, without hands-on practice, e-learning was not of much use. As a result, we started the Abhyaz platform with the vision and guidance of the founder and CEO Ms. Sashi Sairaman, a highly motivated person who has demonstrated leadership skills along with analytical and problem solving skills. She leads a committed, data driven and a process oriented team, which has led to the success of Abhyaz.

Challenges faced by Abhyaz

        The challenge of starting and running a business is enormous. Abhyaz has also had its part in facing challenges. One of the first and main challenges was to make the team understand and evolve from a traditional business to an online business. We have also lost many workers in the process, as they were not able to adapt to the change. It required a different approach to relook on the workplace. We educated ourselves on various skills and tools. There were also other challenges in enabling easy access to the content, setting up the different templates for delivering courses, Creating use cases for Abhyaz, Licensing the content, and In the initial stages, etc. The team use to have hours and hours of discussion to overcome the challenges.

We used freelances from up work to do the job at first, but it was difficult to find problem solvers and engineering-based freelancers and it affected the output. We had success in small measures periodically. We recorded our first order as a skill development program in December 2020. After all the hardships, We signed our 1st MoU in Mar 2021 with IIT Madras.

Phases of Abhyaz

        In the first phase, Abhyas provided skill growth programs, CNC programs, and E-learning content. we also started the Abhyaz faculty Development program which helps in upskilling the faculties, at that time we had only the operation and Engineering team. In the second phase of our business we had the same team of employees but to deliver consistency we brought in new people with the relevant skills and the platform was entirely redone. Currently, Abhyaz provides you with freelancers and interns teams in the fields of data science, HR, Finance, Operation, Engineering, digital marketing, social media marketing, technical writers, content writers, and much more. The working system has changed from time-based to outcome-based. Abhyaz has 6 to 8 employees, and around 50 interns currently.

        The company started with 5 interns and has reached 50 over these few months. The number of applicants is from 100 to 15000, now the weekly applicant rate is 1500+ from students and job seekers. Almost every intern gets a job offering and leaves with a placement. One of the main aspects of Abhyaz is Creating learning contents. It started with 150+ courses and has built 250+ courses and added 70 software to its portfolio.

        Abhyaz has evolved in so many ways to reach its success, now it has a hybrid workspace, it provides mentorship, and has a community where the industries can gain from the infrastructure, and the students and job seekers can use it for internships, work opportunities and to work with projects of startups and MSMEs. One main objective is remote delivery of infrastructure, which has been successfully established.

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