20 Feb 2024 12:29 PM By rajalingamakhila77


I am Akhila Rajalingam. I worked as a HR Executive Intern at Abhyaz from 27/11/2023 TO 27/02/2024. This is my first job offer I received after my Post Graduation and started my work with lots of excitement and this was a really very great experience I had during my work. In this blog I will share my work experience and work environment at Abhyaz.


After my onboarding I have been moved to induction program which is for one week where we have to create a H5P Presentation on the task and present it as an outcome to mentors in that program. There we can gain a basic knowledge about the role we applied for. I have been assigned a task on What is Zoho Recruit? and how it is used? which is related to my job role. With the mentor’s support and guidance, I have submitted my outcome and then moved to Virtual Office which is the main room for HR.

My First Opportunity, as HR Executive I prepared JD’S for 9 job roles which are Functional product Executive, Partner Management Executive, Planning Engineer, Receivable Management Executive, Testing and QA Engineer, Training Executive, Data Entry, Tech Writer and Product Management Executive.

For the End-to-End recruitment process I have been given access to Zoho applications like Zoho recruit, Zoho campaigns, Zoho Desk, Zoho sales IQ, Zoho people. Through this I was involved in various tasks like Job publish, Job un-publish, sending campaigns, clearing desk tickets, connecting with the applicants to resolve their issues through sales IQ. By using Zoho people I have updated GoalQ4, holiday planning and sent relieving letters.


In the Skill-on project, as a HR Executive I will be collecting all the data and prepare a report about the performance and attendance. Which enhanced my experience in excel sheets.

Through this entire internship I have gained hands-on experience in the recruitment process as well as I have improved my communication skills and confidence to take-up any challenge in future.


The virtual office environment allows you to connect with your colleagues, engage in discussions, and helps you to seek valuable feedback. We can move to other rooms to connect with other teams if we have any work. The mentors are very supportive and friendly at Abhyaz. This is a positive work Environment comprises a healthy balance between your personal and professional life and also helped me to enhance my individual skills and strengths.


In Conclusion, my internship experience at Abhyaz was valuable for my growth. The work experiences I encountered during the internship allowed me to develop my communication, collaborative and interactive skills. I would like to express my heart felt gratitude to my mentor Rashmitha mam and every member of my team for the support, the collective encouragement and the guidance I received.

I am very thankful for my opportunity at Abhyaz.


Akhila Rajalingam