Best Remote Internships in 2022

13 May 2022 04:13 PM Comment(s) By Trapti Singh

Need of Internship

In this competitive job market, it’s a need to have practical knowledge. Whether a fresh university graduate or a working professional, having a good in-hand knowledge of the field is always an advantage on a resume as well as interviews. So, the greatest choice would be to do an internship or training from Abhyaz Platform.

It is also vital to gain practical experience in the field when working in the technological industry. The good news is that there are now a variety of possibilities for getting hands-on experience before entering the profession. Moreover, we have a great solution in the form of the Abhyaz e-learning platform with their remote internships.

What if we get a remote internship or work-from-home internship?

Most of us, I'm sure, would say yes to this opportunity. By the end of the pandemic, the work-from-home opportunities are also very limited. Working from home or having remote opportunities would be like a dream come true. Finding a remote internship in engineering fields like mechanical design engineering, electrical design engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, or Robotics Engineering is like striking gold. And why only engineering? if we talk about more operation functions in organizations such as Business Analytics, Data Analyst, HR, General operations, Finance & Accounts, Sales, Creative media and marketing everyone's first choice would be a remote internship, and if it is paid, it would be like icing on the cake. As a result, the Abhyaz Talent Program offers this solution to students, job seekers and gig workers today. Abhyaz internships are both remote and in-person - which means it is your choice. 

What is the Abhyaz Platform?

Abhyaz is an experiential platform for skill development, talent management, and engineering workplace. It is primarily designed to facilitate the career development of professionals with engineering degrees and to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. Abhyaz is a NEP 2020-aligned platform that offers hybrid engineering learning solutions focused on outcomes. It offers online experiential learning delivery for educational institutions and LND areas enterprises.

Engineers, MSMEs, Industry, Professionals, Recruiters, and Job Seekers can all use this platform. It's a platform for teachers and trainees to collaborate on content development.

Moreover, it provides talent acquisition solutions that are scalable across entry-level job role offers. In addition, it brings learning workplace access to engineering software thru a browser. Abhyaz brings over 70+ software labs across 15+ technology categories.

It has been offering the Abhyaz Talent Program since April 2021 and has now reached more than 10,000 students/ individuals through this remote internship program.

How Abhyaz’s remote internship is different?

Abhyaz e-learning is a collaborative community learning platform. Where you can find a plethora of paid internships in various domains. For instance, Engineering, Media / Marketing, Data Science, HR & Operation, and Logistics.

Their internships are open to everyone, whether you're a second-year engineering student, a graduate, a professional, or someone seeking a career move. They also help women who want to return to the industry after a break.

In this platform, you will find engineering and simulation software accessible from your browser with 100+ interactive e-learning courses. above all, you will get guidance from industry mentors for industry-relevant outcomes. As well as, you can share your online skills portfolio to share with future employees.

They have a talent program for the Abhyaz in which they choose some talented people for internships. They offer proper hands-on instruction and experience in a connected profession. Abhyaz has been offering the Abhyaz Talent Program since April 2021 and has now reached over 10,000 students/individuals through this remote internship. And they are registered with IIT Madras and IIT Delhi as internship partners.

What is the Abhyaz Talent Program?

The Abhyaz e-learning platform offers ATP (Abhyaz Talent Program). For which they select some talented people by evolving people's portfolios and live sessions (details are given in another section below). The qualities of ATP that make it unique

  • ·  All internships are remote internship/work-from-home opportunities designed to develop professional acumen with real-time projects in a team environment.
  • ·  The time duration of internships is 1-6 months.
  • ·  Abhyazs' in-depth technical assessments identify your skill gaps and will help you bridge them with their relevant skill development programs and trainer guidance.
  • ·  They ensure you succeed and gain the valuable hands-on experience needed by employers today with relevant expertise in collaboration and engineering software.
  • ·  Showcase your talent and build your portfolio online to share with employers and on social media, and build your job-ready resume to demonstrate your competencies.
  • ·  Interns get paid on an outcome basis
  • ·  For job openings, they will consider interns and if the intern is exceptionally good, they can hire for the company.

Abhyaz Talent Program for candidates

In ATP you'll learn creative problem-solving skills, and the ability to work effectively in diverse remote team settings. Other than this, self-start ability to learn, adapt, and grow independently, commitment and persistence in the remote work environment As well as communication skills to share complex ideas and concepts. Along with this:

  • ·  skill development solutions for digital manufacturing. your work develops the next generation of industry professionals.
  • ·  Proof-of-concept solutions for the industry to explore options, trade-offs, and select optimal solutions for implementations.
  • ·  Digital manufacturing solutions enable inventors and entrepreneurs with grassroots innovation for real-world problems.
  • ·  Solutions to empower cottage industries and small businesses with innovative digital manufacturing services.
  • ·  Access to various open-source software

Fields in which ATP remote Internships are offered

Abhyaz e-learning platform provides remote internships in various fields.

  • ·  Engineering Internship

o  Mechanical Design Engineering

o  Electrical Design Engineering

o  Mechatronics Engineering

o  Robotics Engineering

o  Automation Engineering

o  Mechanical Production Engineering

o  Electrical Production Engineering

o  Electronics Engineering

o  Civil Engineering

  • ·  Creative Media & Marketing Internship

o  Creative Editor Video/Audio

o  Technical Writer/Developer

o  Video/Audio Editor

o  Social Media

o  Graphic Designer

o  Digital Marketing

o  Marketing Intern

  • ·  HR and Operation Internship

o  HR Executive

o  Finance and Accounting

o  Operations Executive

  • ·  Data Science Internship

o  Data Analyst

  • ·  Logistics Internship

o  Supply Chain Operation 

How to enrol in the ATP remote internship

Now, the main part is how to get enrolled for the ATP remote internship. it is a very simple procedure, given below:

  • ·  First, apply to job posts through the Abhyaz career page on the website ( LinkedIn/Internshala/ email campaigns/TPO references
  • ·  You can find job openings every Tuesday and Saturday
  • ·  Next, you will receive a call/email for the Live session explaining the Hiring Process.
  • ·  After that, get evaluated through portfolio submissions and live sessions.
  • ·  Then, Accept the offer letter and Onboard with Abhyaz
  • ·  when you join the internship, Abhyaz will provide you with login credentials to access the software.

Benefits of internship with abhyaz talent program

  • ·  Online portfolio Building
  • ·  Internship completion certificate
  • ·  Practical experience across various functions in the industry
  • ·  Remote internship/work opportunity
  • ·  Hands-on experience using engineering software and business tools such as Zoho, google dorks, Canva and more
  • ·  Outcome-based paid internship Program

Calling TPOs to connect on Abhyaz Talent Program

In the past 12 months, Abhyaz has already awarded over 500+ internships across a 10000+ applicant pool. Abhyaz internship partners includes IIT Delhi and IIT Madras, NITs and many more institutes as I indicated earlier.

With so many applicants, does that mean that the chances of getting an internship is low. This is where Abhyaz aims to connect every student with an internship. Abhyaz Talent Program is building a community of MSMEs and Startups. They have increased the internship positions and offerings with effect from May 2022 and will be offering 300+ internships in this quarter.

Anyone interested in connecting with the platform can go to the website and contact them by chatbot or email to or simply click on this survey to connect with us click here.

Views of Abhyaz interns 

What makes Abhyaz credible and authentic for a remote internship?

I spoke with some of the interns about their perspectives and internship experiences.

According to Amit Kumar Das "I went online to hunt for remote internships in data analytics and data science.

I came across abhyaz's internship posting on LinkedIn.

I applied because the process appeared to be legitimate and the internship was distant."

When I asked him what the most difficult part of the training was, he said "The process was not difficult, but if I had to choose one thing, it would most likely be the evaluation portfolio.

However, the voyage was straightforward ", Subhajit Haldar, another intern who was about to complete his internship, said "I am almost at the end of my internship and I would say the experience was pretty good. I had a great mentor and everyone from the Abhyaz team was beneficial. whenever I was confused and reached out to them they cleared my confusion."

One more Intern with a career gap “As a fresher, this is a good opportunity to start my career and utilize my skills. And learning the methodology for collecting the data and processing it. Of course, it is relevant, And the toughest part is that since I have a career gap of four years I do have any experience gain some hands-on practice I joined the intern. In total, it was a very good” Manisha stated on the Abhyaz platform about her experience.

One more engineering Intern shared her experience “The experience of this internship is very good as I am learning and gaining knowledge about different topics. Moreover, I am also learning new technologies and several different software in various domains.” Kavina said.


In short, the Abhyaz platform's remote internship program ATP is worth considering whether you're looking for a remote internship in engineering, marketing, data science, or HR and operations.


Q.1.Would a remote internship help me to get a job?

Ans. Of course, it will. It will be counted as a work experience in your resume.

Q.2. What is the difference between an internship and training?

Ans. An Internship is a short-term job training, it is a combination of job training and classroom instruction. whereas training is teaching job-specific skills and behavior to employees.

Q.3. What is a remote internship?

Ans. It's an internship that takes place virtually.

Q.4. What is the duration of a remote internship?

Ans. In Abhyaz, the remote internship is for 1-6 months.

Q.5. How do I become eligible for the ATP remote internship?

Ans. If you are a graduate, postgraduate, professional, someone seeking a career change, or even a second-year engineering student, you can apply for the internship.

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