Behind the Scenes of Working as Abhyaz Digital Marketing Intern 

09 Nov 2023 12:12 PM By Tejinder


Hi, I'm Tejinder Kaur. My transition from HR to the dynamic world of digital marketing began with an internship at Abhyaz on 1st August 2023. Embracing a new career path, I enriched my skill set with a specialized training course in digital marketing, which led me to this exciting opportunity at Abhyaz —a branch of MTAB Technology.

I was keen on applying the skills I have learned in training course to a practical applications thorough this internship, Abhyaz has been a stepping stone for me; it was a place of valuable mentorship and teamwork, essential in honing my skills.

At Abhyaz I worked on both individual and group tasks, according to my niche, when any task is given, peer-to-peer evaluation happens, in which your colleagues give you feedback for your work and if it needs any changes, so that it can become best possible outcome, this was very helpful to me during my task for creating email campaigns of webinars, in terms of context and look of the template, which came out great in the end. You have to review other people's tasks as well as give them feedback, this system is very helpful and creative.

Tools Utilized During My Internship:

Zoho Campaign: Created weekly webinar campaigns for a project, with different subjects and content every week.

Zoho Writer: Created various writing materials like content for email templates and blogs through Zoho Writer. It's very easy and efficient.

Zoho Survey: Created a survey to ask relevant questions about the webinars for which I rolled out Email campaigns

Canva: Created workflow diagrams for a business process using Canva.

Zoho Forms: Created test form to integrate with Zoho CRM for the journey.

Zoho CRM: Created multiple email templates for a Business Project for B2B clients.

Created a trial journey for a business process using Journey Builder and other Zoho tools like Zoho forms, Zoho booking, Zoho mail, etc. ensuring a cohesive user experience showing in below Image.


As I Finish the chapter on my Abhyaz internship, I feel that it was both enriching and exciting. It has been an amazing start for me into the world of digital marketing, where each and every task I performed was a learning curve and every campaign a milestone. With a toolkit now filled with practical skills and my palette broader than ever, I'm ready to take on the marketing world with both flair and precision. Here’s to future adventures that lie ahead!