Abhyaz MTAB Tech Center Internship: Robotics & Electronics Exploration

06 Nov 2023 11:36 PM By Vineet


I'm Vineet Kumar Tatu, and my internship at Abhyaz MTAB Technology Center was an incredible journey into the worlds of robotics, electronics, and simulation. Over the past few months, I tackled two exciting projects: creating a Gazebo model for a mobile robot and designing the circuit for a Line Following Robot. Let's dive into my experiences and the skills I've acquired during this internship.

Project 1: Gazebo Model of the Mobile Robot

Understanding Specifications: I delved into the technical details of the mobile robot, such as dimensions and sensor configurations.

Gazebo Simulation: I used Gazebo for 3D modeling and simulation, creating a realistic robot model. This involved plenty of hands-on learning.

Testing and Refinement: I thoroughly tested the model in various scenarios, fine-tuning its behavior within the simulated environment. Gazebo played a crucial role in this process.

Project 2: Line Following Robot Circuit Design

Research and Planning: Researching components and careful planning were key to designing the circuit for the Line Following Robot.

Tinkercad Design: Tinkercad was my go-to tool for creating the digital circuit layout, ensuring efficient power distribution and control.

Programming and Testing: I wrote the code to make the robot follow lines accurately, and Tinkercad was a valuable tool for visualizing and simulating the electronic aspects of the project.

Lessons and Skills Acquired

During my Abhyaz MTAB internship, I developed a strong foundation in robotics and simulation using Gazebo, improved my hardware and circuit design skills with Tinkercad, honed my programming abilities for microcontroller-based robot behavior, and cultivated innovative problem-solving skills, fostering a creative and analytical mindset.


My internship at Abhyaz MTAB Technology Center has been a transformative experience. The skills and knowledge I've gained, including working with Gazebo, Tinkercad, and Lumi, have shaped my passion for technology and robotics. I'm excited to apply these skills in my future endeavors, knowing that this journey has laid a solid foundation for my career in this exciting field.