Abhyaz Internship: A Launchpad for My Software Engineering Career

13 Mar 2024 12:46 PM By Sireesha Patnayakuni


Hi everyone,

My name is Sireesha Patnayakuni, and I just completed a three-month internship as a software engineer at Abhyaz from MTAB Technology Centre. This was my first internship after completing my Master's in Computer Applications, and I'm excited to share my amazing journey with you all!

Real-World Tasks from Day One  

From day one, I was assigned real-time tasks that helped me gain valuable skills and knowledge. My internship began with understanding the features and workings of the Zoho Bookings tool. This was a fantastic learning experience that helped me understand its features and functionality.

Expanding My Skillset

Next, I jumped into content writing for the MTC website. This challenged me to learn how to craft effective and engaging content. I then carried those skills over to the Abhyaz website, further honing my ability to write clear and concise content.

But my contributions didn't stop there! I also had the opportunity to create articles for the Abhyaz help center and even wrote a script for a YouTube video.

A Supportive Work Culture    

Throughout my internship, I was incredibly impressed by Abhyaz's virtual work culture. Even though we weren't physically in the same office, the team made a real effort to collaborate effectively. Regular virtual meetings and collaborative tools made it feel like we were working side-by-side.

Open communication and a supportive environment were key aspects of the Abhyaz work culture. The team truly felt united, and having mentors like Shruti Gupta and Saumya Tiwari made a huge difference. Their personalized guidance and insights were invaluable in helping me grow as a professional.

Conclusion: A Journey of Growth and Learning    

Looking back on these past three months, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity I had at Abhyaz. This internship wasn't just about completing tasks; it was about acquiring new skills and knowledge.

I'm incredibly thankful to Abhyaz, especially my mentors, Shruti Gupta and Saumya Tiwari, for their constant support and guidance. This internship has given me the confidence and skills to take the next step in my software engineering career!

Sireesha Patnayakuni