A Chapter of Growth: My Abhyaz Internship Adventure

31 Oct 2023 02:07 PM By Anjana


Hello, I'm Anjana Kumari, and I'm excited to share my journey as a 
Production Engineer at Abhyaz, a platform that provided me with an incredible 
opportunity to grow and learn in the field of aerospace engineering. My passion for 
aerospace has always driven me to seek valuable experiences, and Abhyaz turned 
out to be the perfect platform for me to explore and develop my skills. 

The Application Process:

My journey with Abhyaz began when I stumbled upon 
their internship posting is for a Production Engineer. The application process was 
refreshingly simple and straightforward. It involved submitting my resume and a 
portfolio, and my desire to contribute to Abhyaz's mission. 

The Evaluation Period:

Once I was selected, I entered an evaluation period where I 
got to experience first-hand the working environment at Abhyaz. This phase was 
designed to help me understand the company's culture and expectations while 
allowing Abhyaz to assess my skills and potential contributions. 

Mentorship by Harsha Ma'am:

During this evaluation period, I had the privilege of 
being mentored by the brilliant Harsha Ma'am. Her guidance and expertise were 
invaluable in helping me navigate the complexities. Her unwavering support and 
encouragement motivated me to excel in my role. 

Utilizing Essential Tools:

Abhyaz equipped me with various tools and resources that 
were instrumental in my work. I regularly use platforms like H5P for presentations. 
Moodle for training, Zoho WorkDrive for collaborative document management, and 
GitHub for version control and collaboration on coding projects. These tools 
streamlined our workflow and enhanced our productivity. 

Hands-On Projects:

One of the most exciting aspects of my journey at Abhyaz was 
the opportunity to work on real-world projects in both the aerospace and mechanical 
fields. I was involved in projects ranging from designing aerospace components to 
optimizing production processes. These projects provided me with hands-on experience. 

Experience and honed my technical skills:

Additionally, I had the chance to develop 
my presentation skills through regular team meetings and knowledge-sharing. 
sessions the opportunity to showcase my skills. I am proud to say that I earned recognition as 

the "Intern of the Month" for my outstanding performance in July 2023, which 
was a testament to the support and encouragement I received from my colleagues. 

Amazing and Cooperative Colleagues:

I can't stress enough how fortunate I was to be able to work with an incredible team at Abhyaz. My colleagues were not only highly skilled professionals but also incredibly cooperative and friendly.


My time at Abhyaz as a Production Engineer has been a fulfilling and 
enriching experience. I've grown both professionally and personally, and I am 
grateful for the opportunities and mentorship that Abhyaz provided me by Harsha 
ma’am and Sumera ma’am. Aerospace and mechanical projects, the support 
colleagues, and the continuous learning have shaped me into a better engineer. As I 
look forward to the future, I am excited about continuing my journey, armed with the 
knowledge and skills I gained during my time at Abhyaz. 

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