14 Mar 2024 01:41 PM By Kshitiz Priyam


Hello! This side Kshitiz Priyam. I was an PME Intern at Abhyaz from MTAB Technology Centre for the past two months. Being from an Engineering background, people generally expect you to go for a technical role. But I always had an inclination towards the non-technical front as it resonated with me in a much better way. After completing a course in Product Management, I wanted to explore opportunities in "Product and Project Management" roles. So, I am really thankful to Abhyaz for providing me the opportunity to work here.

Working as a PME Intern

During my final year project in college, we followed Agile Methodology where I learned about terms like Sprints and Task Master. Here at Abhyaz, as an PME Intern I got an opportunity to apply them in the real world and witness how professional companies function. The major tasks that I had to conduct were, conducting the stand-up and closing meeting, and updating the github with daily sprint records and before the weekend communicating with the mentors and collecting the department wise update on to add it on github. I mainly worked on Sprint 3 and for the beginning part of Sprint 4.

Transitioning to PSM Department

After two weeks working as a PME Intern, an opportunity came up in the PSM department to work on CNC project. And as I realized that the project included tasks like releasing content, I simply grabbed it because creating content has always been a passion of mine. During the initial few days, I had to understand the complete process - collecting skill capture video from the PDD department, getting the video verified from the mentor, writing a well structured script for the video, conducting peer-review for the script, collaborating with the video editor, recording voice-overs and finalizing the video to be uploaded on YouTube and other social media platform after conducting another round of peer-review of the video.

Enhancing my Project Management Skills

Transitioning to PSM department, helped me in improving my Project Management Skills in a great way. Managing CNC Project was about a lot of tasks, communicating with different departments, collaborating with video editors, mentors and fellow peers for peer-review and working under tight deadlines. Overall giving me a significant understanding of the role of a Project Manager.

My Outcomes

Writing a script for the outcome videos had to be changed and optimized according to the input received from the PDD Department. If it was a skill capture video or a proper h5p file and the major factor determining the span of the script was the duration of the video. If the video was too long, the script had to be short and precise and if it was of an average duration, we had to play around with the script a bit to make the video more engaging overall using some creativity and if the video was too short we could release it as YouTube shorts by making it creatively within 1 minute. In CNC Project, I started the "ABB Robotic Series" on YouTube and released 4 videos, each of which were of different duration and on different topics.


It was an awesome experience working in Abhyaz and CNC. The most beneficial feature being that it was fully remote mode and I got hands-on experience on using tools like Zoho, BigBlueButton, Abhyaz and more. I would like to thank both my managers Chetan Sir and Trapti Ma'am for the guidance and supervision and my peers and teammates Rituparna and John.

Kshitiz Priyam