Setting Sail Towards Innovation: My Voyage as an SDE Intern at Abhyaz

03 Apr 2024 01:08 PM By saurav sirsat


Embarking on my internship journey as a Software Development Engineer (SDE) at Abhyaz under the seasoned guidance of my mentor, Shruti Gupta, was a thrilling endeavor towards expanding my horizons in the realm of software development. Despite possessing a strong coding background, stepping into the world of internships ignited within me a unique blend of excitement and anticipation. Throughout my internship tenure, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the development of a Grievance Management System, a project that not only tested my skills but also enriched my professional growth.

Onboarding & Induction

The journey commenced with a comprehensive onboarding and induction process, where I familiarized myself with the intricacies of Abhyaz's operations. Led by the seasoned guidance of Shruti Gupta, I navigated through engaging courses and interactive sessions, acquainting myself with the essential tools required for the voyage ahead. These tools included GitHub, Zoho Desk, Zoho Writer, and Zoho Sheets. This initial phase laid a solid foundation for my internship experience, setting the stage for hands-on learning and transformative growth.

My Odyssey with the Grievance Management System

Venturing into the heart of the Grievance Management System was akin to embarking on a daring odyssey. Under the wise guidance of Shruti Gupta, I played a pivotal role in shaping a project aimed at streamlining the tumultuous seas of grievance resolution within the organization. From meticulously designing and implementing crucial features to steering the ship towards user-friendly interfaces and scalability, I sailed through uncharted waters, harnessing cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies. Additionally, I meticulously prepared dummy data, meticulously mapping out the created modules and their respective fields. Collaborating closely with fellow sailors, I honed my coding prowess, navigating through challenges with grit and determination. This expedition not only fortified my technical skills but also instilled in me the essence of effective communication and the power of teamwork in the vast ocean of software development.

Collaboration and Skill Enrichment

A defining aspect of my internship odyssey was the spirit of camaraderie that buoyed every aspect of our voyage. Anchored in collaboration, I sailed alongside talented crews from diverse departments, gaining insights into the holistic software development lifecycle. From ideation to execution, each phase of our journey was marked by fervor and dedication. Engaging in pair programming sessions and navigating through storms of feedback from mentors and peers alike, I embraced the ethos of continuous improvement and innovation, steering towards the shores of excellence.

saurav sirsat